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Start That Wedding Planing With Your Sofa!!

Some can already picture the day that you and your beloved sofa walk down the isle to commit your selves to each other for the rest of your life.  Well by some I mean candidate of Wisconsin lieutenant governor Rebecca kleefisch, who in a recent debate said that gay marriage in the state would lead to people marring inanimate objects like "this table or you know this chair" which even for the slippery slop crowed is a new level of crazy.  I mean now not only do at least some of these folks think that gay marriage will lead straight couples to commit adultery, turn our schools into gay wedding boot camps but that now it will lead to people taking a romantic fancy to their sofas and coffee tables and marring them.  

Waiting On The Bank

So Tuesday I got my few questions answers and all the paperwork the bank sent me signed initialed and mailed back to them, so that my loan application can continue threw the process.  I am quite hopeful as from the little that I was told things sound pretty good, which I am happy about but not truly surprised about.   I am however now in the wait and hold pattern while I wait to hear back from the bank.

Beginning To Think It Was A Stupid Idea

So I am seriously beginning to think that my idea of trying to get into the market was/is a stupid one, in no small part to the paper work that showed up today for me from the bank, all of it basically repeats from the the stuff I filled out/approved online, for me to sign so they can begin to process my loan application.  Something that was supposedly happening all of the previous week, amongst the paperwork are documents that seem to require I put the horse before the buggy and some how have a homeowners insurance policy on a place I have not even found yet let-alone have a loan approved to start looking for yet!  Not only that they now want $500 to keep for the pleasure of possibly not approving me, with non of the paper work giving any idea how likely some sort of approval is.   At this point the idea of the whole thing is seeming very stupid and like I should just let it die.  As it is I think I'm going to have to make an appointment to go over this stuff with the bank to get…

Favorite Songs Of 2010

I thought I would take some time to do a nice fun post, and give a couple of updates about what is going one with me in the proses.  So first off for the last 3 nights I had been working graveyard at the "north store" doing a price changing class to be officially trained as the back up price changer for when one of our two price changers takes some time off or has an family emergency I can now officially step in and do their work. I am also patiently waiting to hear from the bank on the home loan pre approval application that I submitted them.

And now time to get down to the main show and that is the list of my top favorite songs of this year,

So Hard Trying To Talk To Dad! (feed back please)

So I have been putting serious thought into moving out on my own for the last little while and especially now at trying to actually by a place of my own.  I have brought this up with Mom (and my brother already) and they both think its a good idea to pro-sue, and I want to bring it up with Dad to get his opinion, feedback and advice, however I am having a very hard time doing so.  I just can't seem to bring the subject up with him, It's like I want to but I simply can vocalize it at all, and it is very confusing and also frustrating. 

It Gets Better

Seeing all the gay suicides lately and Dan Savage's reply with his It Gets Better Project has inspired me to do an it gets better post.  I have been meaning to do this for a while now (as well as a video probably to come at some time after this) and I figure I had better do this now before I never do.  This post is dedicated to all the youths that have taken their lives and I hope that any young people who might read this find it of value and that it prevents just even one more tragedy.

State Income Tax, Still On The Fence.

With the ballots going in the mail in just five days I am still on the fence when it comes to initiative 1098 which would institute an state income tax in washington state, which is something of course the state has not had.  As it is writing now is would only effect those making individually 200,00 or more a year and couples making 400,00 with a five percent income tax and individuals making 500,000 or more and couples making 1,000,000 or more a year with an nine percent income tax, of which the majority would go to public education and health care.  Both of which are wildly important services,  it would also reduce the state portion of property taxes by 20% exempt many small business and lower B&O taxes on business.  Both sides how ever seem to have good points, about why it should and should not be passed.

Looking To Get A Place Of My Own

So this is probably no surprise, but I have been thinking for moving out of my parents house for a while now but recently the idea has been getting more serious, and I have been actively looking at what is out there and available when it comes to apartments.  Well recently a friend laid a seed in my mind about the possibility of Buying a condo, in part because with the market for all housing the way it is now home prices are cheap and condos are cheep too.  Well I decided I would give it a peak and to my surprise I found that the monthly cost of a mortgage on a condo would be less then that for the rent of an apartment!  So now my mind is also seriously considering the possibility of actually buying seeing as I have more then enough money in savings to make a good sized down payment.  It an idea that I would really like to try to talk about with some one that has experience, simply because I do want to know if it is a crazy idea or not.  But mom dose not like even talking about the id…

Homophobia On The Rise

It may just be me however I doubt it, not only in the face of the recent rash of suicides related to gay bulling, but also the increasing rash of homophobic attacks across this country (and around the world) that homophobia is on the rise one more.  It seems that despite what the public opinion polls and surveys show in the ways of increasing support and acceptance for LGBT people, that in reality the world is becoming a more risky and dangerous place for those of us that live our lives openly.

Now Is when Opposing Anti Bulling = Murder!!

This is the answer that we need to give clearly and loudly to the right wing christian fundamentalist at Focus On The Family!   Now in the face of the tragic wave of suicides during September of young teens gay/suspected to be gay teens being bullied to death, it can not be clear that option to Anti Bulling programs and legislation for this nations schools is the same as pulling the trigger and killing our own children, the very people who are supposed to be the future of our country!  They are the ones accusing others of politicising this issue and making it a gay issue,  when it is them that are politicising the issue and painting it as a "gay" issue instead of what it really is, a human issue and issue of life in death of doing what is necessary to help and save the lives of the children of this country.  How many more children must die, must kill them selves because of the bulling that they are being put threw for simply being different, before we stand up and say enoug…

To Man bag Or Not, Your Input Needed

So I have been toying with the idea of getting some sort of "man bag" more in the lines of a messenger bag to carry all my stuff in, as I always seem to not have the items I need/want when I need/want them as inevitably they are ether siting at home because they would not fit in my pockets or in the car because they would not fit in my pockets and are thus not available.  Not to mention that my pockets have a tendency to get over stuffed with out even having the things that I need and want all being there.