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Don't Redefine Marriage To What It Never Was

So there is an article on a gay "news" sight, I use the term loosely as it seems like most gay "news" sites it is much more tabloid over all then news. (which is another story all together) The article blew up my Google Plus news feed along with my Facebook news feed with people commenting on it. It is an article that is quite conversational, especially in the light to what was the fight for marriage equality, and the idea of trying to redefine the legal definition of marriage, and thus what it means entirely. The article happens to feature gay men, however what they would like to see is a new special right that dose not exist for any one right now.  Which has created a division as there is the contingent that says it should be the next big push for the movement, and they are clashing derectly with those that feel it should not in any way be a part of the movement, and I find myself in the latter camp. So right after the jump will be the article.