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Showing posts from February 20, 2010

All Graveyards & No play Makes Me A Dull Boy

Ok so from politics back to me, because well I don't feel like talking about politics today but I do feel like talking about me.  So at the moment and for the last 6 months I have been stuck working grave yards at work, which for me is 10pm till 6:30am. Unfortunately I did not wind up on this shift because I particularly wanted it, I wound up on it because at the time I was told point blank you can ether switch from your current switch (which had been closings 2pm-11pm) and be granted at least 24 hours a week, which is the minimum to qualify for insurance or you can keep your current shift/full daytime availability and not be guarantied any hours at all, and thus no insurance.  Obviously I made the decision to switch, to only find out that basically what had been presented me was not the reality of the situation as there are still enough hours during the day and hours getting cut from grave yards to cover day for minims to  maintaining peoples insurance coverage. Unfortunately thi…