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I'm Back From Vacation

As the title probably makes clear I have returned from my vacation, well really I returned Sunday afternoon but with unpacking, jet lag and some caching up with friends this is the first chance I have had to sit down and write about it.  As some of you may know I went to upstate New York with mom to visit the area that she grew up in and to meet relatives, which was exciting for me because the last time that I had been back out east to meet mom's side of the family was before I was 5.  So for me even though I had meet most all of these relative (with the exception of those born way after my last visit) I did not remember meeting them.  That and getting to see the different places that mom talks about from when she was a kid.

Hotel From Hell

Well the title probly gives it away, but unless you are doing drugs the hotel that dad has put mom and I up in is not one that you would want to stay in.  I am not lying when I say that this is obviously a hotel populer amount those on drugs and some form of prison work release.The first giant warning sign should have been the fact that a wooden dowel is what keeps the windows from opening on their own!! Unfortanitly the added light of an open window only added to the wows of the room.  It only made it clear that every pice of furniture is coverded in stains, as well as the floor, along with bleach spots.

"You Have A Soft Homosexual Voice" Customer

Yes that was one of the things that a customer who took it upon them selves to "preach" to me during my job, while I was stuck helping cut his keys and find the other random items that he said he needed help finding.  Strangely this is not the first time I have attracted the type that decided to do some preaching to me to help "being me to Christ" while I'm on the job and their captive audience stuck helping do something for them, how ever this was one of the first times that I really had to bite my tongue to avoid saying or doing something that I would regret and that could get me in trouble with my bosses.

Changes & Getting Ready For Vacation.

I know it have been quite a while since my last blog entry, luckily that is due to very good news, the first of which being that I was able to swoop into a "day shift" position at work and get back to the closing shifts that I used to work, unfortunately for my blogging that has also meant a slight period of readjusting to that schedule. Unfortunately during this period I have had a little trouble finding the time to squeeze the blogging in, but I hope to be remedying that here pretty soon. The other good news that has been taking up time that I also would have normally be able to try to devote to some blogging is that I'm getting ready to take my first real vacation in 3 years, something that has me very physiced!