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Justice Unhappy With Protect Marriage Washington's Case

After just finishing reading threw the 61 page transcript of the Supreme Court proceedings and I would say if you have the time that it is definitely not as dry as one would imagine it to be, however you do get the since that the press coverage is very on the ball when they say that the justices are not thrilled at all by the legal argument of Mr. James Bopp Jr the lawyer representing Protect Marriage Washington in this case.   It becomes quite clear that 7 of the justices well since they are also the only ones talking  are really not inclined to Mr Bopp's arguments with  Justice Anthony Scalia jumping him right off the bat hardly one sentence into his opening statement. Mr Bopp comes off as spending much of his time on the defensive trying to fend of constant grilling and interrogation from the justices as they poke and produce holes and gapes into his case, in the case of justice Scalia done quite often with over exuberance. 

Supreme Court To Hear Oral Arguments Over R-71 Names

The US Supreme Court is scheduled to start oral arguments on April 28th over the release of the names of  those that signed Referendum 71, which was the failed bid in 2009 to try to over turn WA new "every thing but marriage" domestic partnership laws at the time.   The case which concerns the release into public record, as prescribed by washington state discolor law, of 138,000 names of those who signed the potion in order to get it onto the ballot.  As noted washington state law requires that the names of those who sign potions be released into public record where they are free for any one to access, and this has been the law for the last 40 yeas since it was instituted threw a voter approved initiative itself.

Obama Expands Hospital Visitation Rights

Well Finally Obama has used some of the power of the office of president to make a concrete mover for LGBT equality (notably one that he could and really should have done with DADT) threw presidential order.  President Obama ordered that all hospitals that take medicare and medicaid must allow same-sex partners of patients to visit, and that patients have the power to chose a same-sex partner to make medical decisions for them should they become unable to.  This is significant in the fact that because it is attached to medicare medicaid it affects nearly every hospital in the country as nearly every one take them.  This order also has an effect for straight patients as it also allows them to declare a non direct relative or even close friend to make medical decisions for them if need be instead of next of kin the would normally be prescribed by law.  

Are You Ready A Relationship

It has been a while since I have posted a blog, and there are several things that I would like to talk about in today's blog. Recently there has been this issue of "straight pride" T Shirts which I think Bryan did a great job writing on in his blog Gay Family Values, and I recommend that every one go read his post, as I'm going to be straight on quite a tangent that it and the comments got going in my head.   That tangent has to do with the roll that relationships play in our lives. (any one's lives)

Just a quick Update

So I am just going to quickly say that I am still around, and sorry about the long hideous, things have been hectic.  I have again been into see the doctor have meds adjusted and another one added to hopefully help deal with the extreme amount of instability that I have still been experiencing lately.  I should hopefully be able to start carving out some good quality time to blog again.  Once again thanks for fallowing my blog. :-)