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Looking For A Place Again

The adventure continues and back to square one, as after finally getting the selling banks addendum to the contract as their counter offer, which with the wording it had I was not to keen on to begin with I now for the first time has its name, so being me I did some digging on them.  Unfortunately for the deal which nicely for me was and is under no contract, I am very unhappy with what I dug up and it has left me not wanting to deal with that particular bank, let alone touch any property they own with a ten foot poll. 

Suburban Dream On Shaky Ground

So my dream has again hit another patch of shaky ground speaking figuratively (as can be for the Pacific Northwest) as just two evenings ago it was discovered that there is an HOA in the tiny neighborhood of the house I'm interested in.  To complicate things the contact people for it are only available for a half hour in the evening, and unfortunately the phone number provided to us (me and my real estate agent) by the listing agent dose not work.  This only further complicated by the fact that for the most part the contacts availability window falls right during my work shifts, making it down right impossible to call them to obtain the information that I need even if I had a working phone number. 

Suburban Dreaming

With the fact that I accepted the sellers counter offer today, I thought that I would post and share some of the myriad of thoughts that have been mixing and mingling in my mine of late.  As those of you that have been fallowing along will know by now, the place that I am buying is in a little suburban development in an area outside of the city that I work and currently reside in, something that I am quite happy with at for me it is allowing my to buy into my own little piece of the suburban American dream, which for me is a standalone single family home on a quarter acer lot.  Which for me is part of the essence of the american dream, and one of the big blocks that is part of building a life.  Now as some of you may also know I have been wondering about if I will ever be able to build the other part of that life and that is a family of my own to fully fulfill my suburban American dream of a husband and kids.

Is There Room For Someone Like Me?

This is a question that I often ask my self, even more so these days as the prospect of home ownership comes ever more clearly into sight.  I find my self wondering if indeed there is room for some one like me to find a loving and committed relationship (or even a relationship at all) with in the gay community, especially as I move ever forward with my plans to buy a house in the area where I have lived for the vast majority of my life and that I want to continue living and to build a life in.  I as my self this question not only because of the area that I chose to live but also because of the way I look, I freely admit that I am no module and that I carry some extra pounds on me.  I am often left with the clear impression that by the "gay" standard I might as well be a whores for that is how I find my self to be viewed.  Then add to that that I don't live in nor desire to live in ether the "gay mecca" of Seattle or Vancouver B.C.  and that instead I am trying …

Obama The Pairless Wounder!!

Another example of why we so desperately needed Hilary instead of Obama, he has once again managed to play bend over backwords to please the republicans, with absolutely no guarantee that they will go threw on their part of the bergen and a road map of recent history that they will not.  This time it is in extending the Bush tax cuts to the top 2% of Americans, a move that this country can ill afford to make, as well as lowering the inheritance tax for amounts over 1million dollars.  All in the hopes that the republicans will indeed vote to extend unemployment benefits for another few months for the many Americans who are among the long term unemployed.  All this not just immediately but the long term adding to the massively mounting deficit that increasingly threatens to drown our economy by the time it eventually makes a semblance of a recovery.  All so that the republican leadership can adhere to their 30 year disproved theory of trickle down economics that even Regions economics g…

To Political Or Not To Political, That Is The Question

So for those of you that don't know and that would be all of you, I was trying to set up a coffee date with a charming guy that I had met online (names and descriptions left out to protect the innocent) well amongst simple conversation of what he was up to he mentioned he was at Walmart shopping.  Now is time for every one to look at me like a two headed alien, to which I simply said I have not set foot in one in years they have very anti union practices, and I'm a proud and supportive union member. (UFCW) apparently something that in his book was a totally wrong and very bad thing to be, as he proceeded to say that was not good because unions are bad, and he did not give a damn about them.  No giant insurmountable deal, not ideal but not a show stop I thought, as I basically said as long as you don't bash mine we are fine.  Again apparently not good as he did not like unions at all, he did not like hearing about them, nor when people liked them.  after all he only cared a…

Just An Quck Update

I have been busy with work and other things in life, I have not heard back on the house yet, hopefully some time soon.
I should also have some time tomorrow to sit down and do a more in depth blog and get everything brought back up.  As always thanks to my followers.