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Suburban Dream On Shaky Ground

So my dream has again hit another patch of shaky ground speaking figuratively (as can be for the Pacific Northwest) as just two evenings ago it was discovered that there is an HOA in the tiny neighborhood of the house I'm interested in.  To complicate things the contact people for it are only available for a half hour in the evening, and unfortunately the phone number provided to us (me and my real estate agent) by the listing agent dose not work.  This only further complicated by the fact that for the most part the contacts availability window falls right during my work shifts, making it down right impossible to call them to obtain the information that I need even if I had a working phone number. 

Unfortunately but not surprisingly, at least to any one that has goon threw the real estate game, this creates the potential to derail the whole deal and force me to walk away, for no short list of several reasons, top of which being cost of monthly dues (if applicable) and possibility of an assessment to pay for some kind of community work.  creating the possibility to make the palace financially unaffordable, then their is the possibility of the association rules and regulations forbidding the kind of work or improvements that I might wish  to make to the property or personal uses of the property.    Not to mention that if I'm unable to get satisfactory documentation on the CC&R's as well as the financial health of the association that could also force me to have to walk away from the deal due to the unacceptable extra level of financial risk.

I personally am not to keen on the idea of being in a neighborhood with an HOA because really to never have I heard anything good about an HOA and on the contrary have almost always heard about how bad they are.   Not to mention it makes it much easier for one to be forced out of their residence by ether excessive abusive enforcement of rules and abusive fining if members of the HOA decide they don't like you or want you in their neighborhood with out having to openly come out and say that and why.   Something that I try not to let overly concern me but the thought still creeps into the back of my mind that it creates an much easier way for a war of homophobia to be fought against me if someone so chooses to do so. 

For now I am stuck in another stressful place of having to prepare my self for the worst and for the possibility that I will have to walk away from this deal, and the house that I want, and to start all over from square on again.  Yet at the same time hoping for the best but trying to not get to attached to the place. The other part is hard is that I know I do have an attachment and that I is very possible for that the could my best judgment, and I don't really have someone that this has no to little baring on that has a very good deep understanding of me that can give me some guiding advice.


  1. I have no idea what a HOA neighborhood is. But it doesn't sound like some where I'd like to buy. All of those stupid rules! Its seems as though those sorts of places where they have rules about EVERYTHING, the person or persons in charge of making sure the rules are followed are always nasty people. I don't know this personally, but I've seen "Over the Hedge" that woman was crazy! LOL

  2. It's all good now as I finally got some information with full info to come tomorrow. The HOA dues are only $53 a year, plus it has never been incorporated so it can't go after my property or put liens on it. So things are looking quite up on that front.


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