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Is this car too gay?

So im thinking of buying a new car, which happens to be totally impractical, a Mini roadster convertible. 2 door 2 seat, huge trunk especially for a convertible.  But i wounder if it is too gay, dose it look cool or like something that should be driven in a pride parade with those inside wraped in rainbow flages and feather boas.

The idiocy Of Male Entitlement

Recently I lost a friend on Facebook, not the most spectacular loss because when we did not agree it was always my fault and his boyfriend played the attempt to belittle me game, all over attempting to point out to him that one of his post was not only a blatant insult to the spuriousness of assault against women but also a blatant example of male entitlement.

A Great Vacation

So after the hiccups at the start of my vacation, that I covered in my previous post, it all turned out to be tremendous fun! I got to get out and see lots of neat places, and to get to meet and spend time with familiarly members that I never really get to see or spend time with because they are clear on the other side of the country.  It all combined to be one amazing vacation and it has left me feeling totally renewed and refreshed.

I made a video sharing some of the photos from my vacation that I post so that all of you can see some of the things that I got to see and do!

I hope that you all enjoyed this post.

The Joys of travel: Flight delays.

So I am on vacation, visiting my grandparents (and Mom's side of the family) for three weeks. In upstate New York.  Starting last Tuesday.  Well it did not start off that hot, on our way to Albany we had three flights, the first flight from my home town to Los Vagues left and arrived on time and went perfectly.   And we made it to the gate in Vagues for our departing flight with some time to spare.   Unfortunately our flight from Vagues to Dulles Airport Washington DC was delayed by 25 minutes putting us behind the boarding time for are next flight to Albany.   So when we got off that flight we made a mad dash all the way across the airport getting held up for ten minutes by part of the transport from terminal to terminal.   So we got to our gate to find the plane had pulled back early. (The door/stairs had been closed early even though it was still sitting there loading luggage,  and they would not let us on! (Such freaking BS when they had been called and told about delayed conn…

Monday Book Review: It's Complicated, by L.A. Witt

Well this is a day late to be a Sunday book review, but when I was not busy doing things yesterday I was busy catching up on my missed sleep from the week before. So today I would like the review a book that I just finished several days ago, that book is It's Complicated by L.A. Witt, a part of the Tucker Springs series of books.

Brad and Jeff have a complicated on again off again relationship, that at the moment is off again in an attempt to make a fresh start of things.  Things are looking up this time around then out of the blue Jeff's ex wife announces that she is pregnant with no other then Jeff's child! On top of that she want to move her and the child out of Tucker Springs, to Denver.  Will Jeff fallow his ex wife and new child out of to Denver, and what dose that mean for Brad and Jeff's fragile relationship? Can their new start survive this turmoil or is this finally the end for them?

PDA, A Double Standard

So a shit storm of controversy has hit the nation, in the form of a simple kiss between Micheal Sam, and his boyfriend when Micheal was drafted to play for the Rams, making him the first openly gay NFL player, something that was not really expected to happen!  So it got a bunch of peoples undies in a bunch, with cries of what about the poor children that had to see that on TV! To those complaining that they don't care that he is gay but why did it have to be flaunted and shoved down their throats.

In The Bipolar Closet

As some of you may know yesterday March 30th was the very first International Bipolar Day, a day that is supposed to help raise awareness about Bipolar Disorder and to also help and eliminate the stigma that surrounds it. Well I found myself watching a steady stream of post celebrating that day and doing just what the day is intended to do, to put a face to bipolar disorder and do their little part to work at ending the stigma.  I found my self wanting to like those post to show support for them, but in the end (like everyday something good or interesting about it pops up in my news feed) I did not like the post, out of fear of my friends, and even extended family seeing not only that I liked the post but the page that the post where posted in. I know this may sound odd to all of you seeing as how I share that about my self on this blog, but in real live hardly anyone knows about it at all, least of all my friends and coworkers.

Trying It Without The Crutch Of Medication

I know it has been a while since my last post, I have been doing OK, in a bit of a rut but not bad. So once again I have really been struggling lately with taking my medications, (how ever I have been strictly adhering to them) and wanting to be off of them for a number of reasons. I have once again had somethings come across my desk so to speak that have again stocked my mistrust of medication and psychiatry at large

3 Years With Out Dating, Is It Time To Try?

Well it has been awhile since my last post and I have been doing well, still feeling a little adrift spiritually but starting to pull the pieces together to help deal with that.  I have over all been doing ok, although I am still pumped that my Seahawks won the Super Bowl by a blow out!! Yeah the game may have been a little boring for the non Hawks fan but for me it was a great game to watch! Now that that is all out of the way I would like to take about something that has been weighing on my mind for quite some time now and that is if after almost 3 years I should jump back into the dating pool.