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Good Riddance Friend!

That is the message I have to a former friend Jared Evans of mine who happened to have also been an ex, if he wants to throw me out the window as a friend then I do say good riddance. If you want to throw away a friendship based on the fact that even thought you are in an open relationship I don't want to have sex with you, and have made that abundantly clear to you for the months you have been pursuing it before finally trying to your partner in your "open relationship" to try to help stop them then it is your loss not mine. 

Dating Vlog

I have decided that a video is worth a thousand words in this case.  In this video I talk about my experiences and thoughts on dating in the gay community, as well as my issues with it.  So without anything further after the jump is the video.

Prop 8, Reality Checked

As has been in the news Prop 8 in California was overturned Wednesday, by federal Judge Walker, in a decision that the ban was unconstitutional. I don't feel a need to go into a detail recap of the ruling as it's already all over the news and web, instead I feel like focusing on some of the lunacy that the ruling has brought to the surface amongst those that oppose marriage equality, as well as my own personal feelings over the whole situation.

As is not entirely unexpected with a ruling like this the anti marriage equality crusaders have very suddenly gotten their panties in a twist and have thus started to spout their over the top rhetoric not only about how this ruling is judicial activism, that it will destroy the family and nation as we know it but also about their conspiracy theories on why this decision was made the way it was in the first place. One of the most interesting being the FRC (family research councils) who in large part see this as a decades long conspiracy …

It's Past Time To Boycott Motts, And Spread the word.

Some of you may not know this but the workers at Mott's factory in Williamson NY (their only factory) have been forced out on strike, after the company walked away from the bargaining table when the workers refused to accept a new contract that cut wages buy $1.50 an hour while downgrading the medical plan increasing employee medical cost as well as slashing their pension and 401K plans.  Even thought the company recently acquired by Dr. Pepper Snapple, made a profit of $555 million last year as well as increase in stock value of 35%!  To add further insult to injury over the time of "economic hardship" that company is using to justify the wage, pension, 401K cuts and increase in worker health care cost, those in charge of the company proceeded to double their salaries!