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House Hunt is under way!

I know it have been a while since my last post, but as one can probably predict I have been busy between work, the upcoming holidays and the fact that I am now actively hunting for houses.  Well yesterday I got to see two ones that I had been interested in from the outside and from their listings, which allowed one of them to be quite quickly after a good look threw be dropped right off the the contenders list.  While I expanded my search area and exclude one previously included area, with some new knowledge including commute time.

So Thursday after I get off work, I am again meeting with my realtor, and should be seeing some other listings that I am interested in, and possibly finding some more to added to the list of possibilities.  So for the moment I am still in the process of finding the right property, at the right price in the the right area.  But I am still quite optimistic and excited to see more of what is out there.  I hope to find some more time to further update you all s…

I Got Approved!!

So today when I called the Credit Union to check in on the progress of my application like they had said to do, I got the good news, I am approved!  So now I can get an agent and start rooting that home out!  I am very excited, and have already contact my first choice of real estate agent to see if they are interested in taking on the task of helping me.  Although I do have a little chunk of properties I'm already interested in that I have been checking out online.  I am hoping to be home shopping here pretty soon!

I Find Out On Thrusday!

So I called the bank (Credit Union) today, and was told by the loan officer dealing with my application that the bank was ready to approve me for 100K and that all they need is to have the mortgage insurance company sign off on that.