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Showing posts from February 16, 2010

Finding Strength

Today's topic is going to be finding strength, not in the physical since but in spiritual, mental since, the kind of strength that allows you to keep on going in life even threw the lowest points, to not let any obstacles stand in your way.  It is the kind of strength that can allow you to eventually come out, and to start to process of living as a proud open gay man, although I would not claim to be any wear near that level yet, but it also the kind of strength that is important in helping you to get threw and deal with other challenges that are thrown in your life path.   I strongly believe that with out Spiritual, emotional and mental strength, and that ability to grow and rebuild it that one is at a very great risk when they are faced with hard times and hard challenges in life, as it is those times that most often take a very strong and deep reserve of strength to get threw and make it out to the other side, I know that in my life it has been my obliterate to exercise and all…

Hot N Cold

Ok so as you all know I have issues going on that are not as under control (no where near as under control) as I would like them to be, now this would make dating complicated enough for any one, as it is admittedly hard to date when you have basically almost no real handle on your own personal life let alone personal emotional state. Which is a pretty important aspect of being able to be able to get your self in a place where you can even start to be ready for a relationship, let alone be able to maintain one, when and if one actually develops.  How ever I thing and do strongly feel that throwing being gay in on top of that adds another layer of complication in that makes it even harder,  I think in addition to the big enfaces on appearance, there is almost what seems like a disproportionate discrimination against dealing with "damaged goods".  It dose not seem to matter how much they like the person or how great they seem to think they are, once they since that they might h…