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Showing posts from October 27, 2010

Start That Wedding Planing With Your Sofa!!

Some can already picture the day that you and your beloved sofa walk down the isle to commit your selves to each other for the rest of your life.  Well by some I mean candidate of Wisconsin lieutenant governor Rebecca kleefisch, who in a recent debate said that gay marriage in the state would lead to people marring inanimate objects like "this table or you know this chair" which even for the slippery slop crowed is a new level of crazy.  I mean now not only do at least some of these folks think that gay marriage will lead straight couples to commit adultery, turn our schools into gay wedding boot camps but that now it will lead to people taking a romantic fancy to their sofas and coffee tables and marring them.  

Waiting On The Bank

So Tuesday I got my few questions answers and all the paperwork the bank sent me signed initialed and mailed back to them, so that my loan application can continue threw the process.  I am quite hopeful as from the little that I was told things sound pretty good, which I am happy about but not truly surprised about.   I am however now in the wait and hold pattern while I wait to hear back from the bank.