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Start That Wedding Planing With Your Sofa!!

Some can already picture the day that you and your beloved sofa walk down the isle to commit your selves to each other for the rest of your life.  Well by some I mean candidate of Wisconsin lieutenant governor Rebecca kleefisch, who in a recent debate said that gay marriage in the state would lead to people marring inanimate objects like "this table or you know this chair" which even for the slippery slop crowed is a new level of crazy.  I mean now not only do at least some of these folks think that gay marriage will lead straight couples to commit adultery, turn our schools into gay wedding boot camps but that now it will lead to people taking a romantic fancy to their sofas and coffee tables and marring them.  

I mean I know how hard it can be to resist those freshly polished legs of your dinning table that seem to go on forever simply blending into it's sexy...  sorry I forgot what I was talking about there for a minute just thinking of the romantic possibilities of my dinning set.  I hope that this proves to be a political tipping point that undoes her campaign as it forces people to realize how utterly absurd and destructive this kind of thinking is not only to the gay community but to the ability of us as a country to have an intelligent civilized debate on these issues, as it is impossible to do so when you are boiling down the basic human rights of a whole group of people to the absurdity of forming legal (and social) contracts with inanimate objects.  In the process of doing so instead of allowing for a true debate on the subject they have instead turned it into a debate of little sound bites that have little if anything to do with the actual issue, but instead create an polarized environment where logic is wholly unwelcome and when it dose make an appearance is totally drown out and ignored in favor of the absurdities of sound bite political debate. 

It is ever clear that not only as citizens do when need to return to the table of rational debate and the ability to disagree with each other in a civilized manner, but that we need to hold our news media to the same standard.  As citizens we need to make it clear that simply having two sound bit spitting extremes from both sides of an issue "debate" by trying to out shoat absurdities over each other is not actual balanced coverage of an issue.  Instead what we need is for them to bring on more moderate at least rational people from each side and allow them to politely debate each other, along with the press doing some digging into the issue and the assertions of each side and the actuality of each sides assertions.  Then they need to take those findings and present them to the public, it is then up to the public to draw their own conclusion, but they need to at least be provided with the information they need to draw one as well as to be able to see threw the talking points sound bites BS that both sides of an issue tend to spew.  The media needs to be less of an airing board for political divides and instead be an airing board for facts and truth.

Until we get to the point where the press once again starts reporting and actually doing its job, and the citizens say they are fed up with only the loudest of the bunch getting heard we will continue down a road where the debate on each issue degrades into the most extreme and absurd statements from each side being the majority foundation on which decisions that will effect the lives of many are made on, and that is something that all Americans should be worried about.


  1. Wow! I never expected you to post porn on your blog. I mean come on, that couch.....whoa!

    Yeah, she sounds as smart as the man who said if we allow gays to marry, next people will be wanting to marry their horse. I have never been able to understand why the very idea of gay marriage is so horribly frightening to so many many people. I mean really, how is two people getting married have any impact on your marriage? If the religious right is so concerned with schools teaching acceptance and understanding, they obviously don't have a very good grasp on their religion, since that is SUPPOSED to be the corner stones of christianity.

  2. LOL I see you love my couch, I can assure you it did not come from a porn set, but now that you mention it! LOL

  3. OH? Is there a story connected with this sofa? If it had lips what would it be telling us? Ok, i just creeped myself out with that mental image! Lips! on a couch? YUCK!

  4. Other then it used to be an aunt's there is no story lol


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