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Showing posts from October 14, 2012

The Attacks Start At the Last Minute

With only a week left until ballots mail out in Washington state, Protect Marriage Washington has started airing their first ad in what is doubtless to be a series of ads to run threw the election on Nov 6.  as the Seattle times says about this time in the election cycle "for a ballot measure that isn't up on the air now is missing a big opportunity. Ballots mail out next week"  and it appears that even though they are late to the race compared to the Approvecampaign that has had ads running for months between Washington United for marriage and an ad run by Seattle Pride during the summer Olympics  they seem to be coming out of the gate swinging using some of the same old tactics that have proven so effective in the past in scaring the public into voting their way.  although this time they seem to have thrown in another tool to their approach and that is trying to reassure the people that they are scaring that voting to take away the rights of the gay citizens of Washing…