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One Vote Away And Microsoft Endorses!

Well we are just one vote away from marriage equality in Washington, with the announcement by state Senator Jim Kastama of his support of the legislation, that leaves us with 24 of the 25 votes needed to pass SB6239.  Not only are we now one vote away but today Microsoft officially came out in support of the bill as well, and posted a very well written persuasive and eloquent (for a corperate blog) expression of support.  Which as has been mention in a previous post has been a key in garnishing the final needed votes to pass equality legislation.   Of course still being one vote away success can not be taken for granted simply for the fact that until that one vote is locked in the line could come down one vote short for us too, but there is much reason to be optimistic and bask in this little victory.

Gaining Weight, & Emotional Eating

It seems as much as I would like to lose weight I keep undermining those goals lately as I seem to be emotional eating up a storm, which of course has me again starting to gain weight and pack on the fat.  Which really only makes me feel that much more worse because it is not what I want.  I at the very least want/ed to get back to the weight I was before (my last nasty bought of depression) which was 195lbs and was still over my ideal weight.  Of course not only is this a problem of its own but it is also an outward sign of emotional distress with in. 

Just 2 Votes Needed

Only 2 yes votes are needed in the Washington state Senate for the marriage equality legislation that was introduced this week with 23 signatures to pass.  The senate is the key roadblock to the passage of the legislation as identical legislation was introduced into the State House, with 50 signatures which is enough votes to pass the legislation in the House. Things are so close yet still so far away, there is still a small pool of officially undecided/committed senators that could swing the vote into our favor, those senators are Senator Andy Hill, R-Redmond; Senator Joe Fain, R-Auburn; Senator Mary Margaret Haugen, D-Camano Island; Senator Jim Kastama, D-Puyallup; Senator Paull Shin, D-Edmonds  and Senator Brian Hatfield, D-Raymond.  Then there is Senator Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale.  These are the people that we have to try to sway into our favor.

Marriage Equality Is Tantalizingly Close In Washington (State)

So as promised another update on the progress of the possible legalization of same-sex marriage in Washington state by the state legislature. There is no really question that the state house will vote in favor of the bill to legalise same-sex marriage as it has passed similar legislation in the past, not to mention that it is made up of 55 democratically held seats and 42 republican held seats (and one currently empty seat) the current sticking point is the state Senate which is comprised of 27 democrats and 22 republicans.

Writing My State Lawmakers.

In light of the amazing news that Governor Chris Gregoire is not only supporting legislation for the legalization of same sex marriage in my state of Washington, but that she will actually be introducing the legislation to the legislature some time this week, after it starts it's new legislative session on Monday.  (legislation that she and legislative leaders have been working on) I have decided to write to my law makers and I thought that I would share what I have written with all of you. I spent the time to type out what I wanted to say so that when I hand write it, (I am becoming of the firm opinion that a handwritten letter crays so much more weight and power with it then say an email)  it will be the best that I can be.

Governor To Announce Support For Gay marriage

I was presently surprised to see an braking news email from he Seattle Times pop up in my inbox on my cellphone with the need that at a 11am news conference on Wednesday that governor Chris Gregoire is expected to announce support for gay marriage, which will be the first time she has formerly supported it, although she has been a steadfast supporter of gay rights, in the state.This comes in light of the grass roots efforts of Equality Washington to pressure the State legislation to pass a gay marriage law in 2012, this news conference takes place just before the start of the next legislative session starting on Monday.  I don't know how much motion can be expected to be made on this issue during that session,  which runs threw march 8th, in part because the legislature has to plug another 1.5 billion shortfall in the state budget which I for see being a nasty battle as there really is no "fat" left to trim let alone muscle, but that is beside the point.The goal is that…