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Writing My State Lawmakers.

In light of the amazing news that Governor Chris Gregoire is not only supporting legislation for the legalization of same sex marriage in my state of Washington, but that she will actually be introducing the legislation to the legislature some time this week, after it starts it's new legislative session on Monday.  (legislation that she and legislative leaders have been working on) I have decided to write to my law makers and I thought that I would share what I have written with all of you. I spent the time to type out what I wanted to say so that when I hand write it, (I am becoming of the firm opinion that a handwritten letter crays so much more weight and power with it then say an email)  it will be the best that I can be.

So I guess I will start with the letter I wrote the Governor Gregoire to express my thanks and support.

Dear Governor Gregoire

I am writing you to express my hart felt appreciation, and steadfast support for your efforts on LGBT rights in our great state, especially now in the light of your new efforts bring-about full marriage equality, threw your submission of marriage equality legislation to the legislature.

This is a fight that is very near and dear to my hart as a gay citizen of this great state. I have so much respect for the journey that has brought you to this point. This is so deep important to me because it has played such a big roll in my own continuing journey to a point of self acceptance. As marriage has always played such a big roll in what I want out of my life, that the inability to achieve that goal, which of me goes hand in hand with starting a family has caused me much pain and emotional and mental turmoil. It is only very recently that I have been able to start seeing that I could at-least bring about one of my deepest desires in this life of having a family, and now the promise of the ability to get married is with in reach too, thanks to your actions. The promise that I will no longer be some separate faction of society.

This is something that even thought I still struggle, very much so at times, with accepting my self, and coming to a place of peace and acceptance about what it is that I want for my self and my life, brings another ray of sunshine and hope onto that path. A path that like you I have been walking for quite some time, even if for me at 24 the start of the journey to acceptance has been a very recent development, that is only in its infancy, the prospect of being able to when fate brings me and the right man together be able to get married to one another is such a big one for me, that I can’t even adequately put it into words. Once again I thank you so deeply for your support on such an important, life impacting and changing matter.

my signature  
And this is the one to my 2 representatives and my state senator.
As a constituent I am writing you to urge you to stand with Governor Gregoire in support of civil gay marriage in Washington state, to do your part to help to make the great state of Washington the seventh State in the country to legalize same sex marriage, and remove gay citizens like me form a second class citizenship in the very state that I so proudly call home, where a separate “but equal” system of marriage laws have been set up for our states LGBT citizens, and history clearly shows that separate is never actually equal.

It is time to take these bold legislative steps to bring about equality in our state, as recent polls show that the majority of voters 55% support the legislature extending marriage rights to the LGBT community, and would in fact vote to protect such legislation like they did in back in 2009 with Referendum 71 and the vote on the legislatures expansion of domestic partnerships. It is clear that the citizens of Washington are ready for as the Governor has said “Religions can decide what they want to do, but the state cannot be in the business of discrimination”

I ask that you join me in my support the gay marriage legislation, legislation that is supposed to be introduced within the week, and is supported by Governor Gregoire. I ask that you vote to bring said legislation into law.

My Signature
I am quite optimistic, as from all political angles it looks as if they only have to flip a very few votes in the state senate as they have more then enough for it to pass the state house, and sources close to the drafting of the bill have said that this bill dose not have a referendum clause, so unless there is a citizen petition to have the law put up for a "veto vote" (referindum) constitutional 90day window it would not go up to a public vote.  Which as per Washingtion state code nicly alway an "Aprove" vote to keep the law or "regect" vote to regect it, no matter what the position of the people bringing the petition is. (so unlike CA with prop 8, it is always aprove to keep the law and regect to regect it, so no confusion there for the voteing public)
I will do my darnedst to keep a close eye on the goings on and keep all of you (my fallowers) posted as well as braking things down and explaing things to those of my fallowers that are out of state so that every one can stay in the loop of understanding.


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