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Fresh New Start & Fresh New Ads

Finally after a month's long hiatus from any real advertising at all Chrysler is steeping its game up with some creative adds, that not only are different and at least in my opinion catchy but also help to separate the brands out.

I hope that they keep up the good work in advertising as I am finally starting to see their ads on TV again, and to me they seem to be affective at the goal of helping to shape an identity for each of the brands.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

Religion, Politics and Claiming The Combined Power of Both.

Well yesterday I summarized the "Manhattan Declaration" and picked apart passages to expose the hypocrisy of those that have signed. As well as taking the opportunity to highlight the moral corruptness of their goals and what they wish to achieve.

Now today I have seen some speculation on the other intent behind that Declaration. The idea that it is not just a statement of political interest in commend, but in fact a solidifying and uniting in an effort to wrangle perceived political power away from more mainstream "mainline churches"

The Hypocritical Right Is At It Again

So 145 "Christian" leaders have signed their self named "Manhattan Declaration" a call to actively participate in civil disobedience, as a means to work agents not only same sex marriage but all same sex civil rights (including ENDA). My plan is to pick out portions (mostly that impact the GLBT community) of their declaration and then pick that apart. While at the same time summarizing their arguments, so that they can be countered. I am going to apologize for the length to start with, I felt it was important to give an in depth summery and commentary.

SO it starts off with the first line of its preamble reads
"Christians are heirs of 2,000-years of tradition of proclaiming God's word, seeking Justice in our societies, resisting tyranny, and reaching out with compassion to the poor, oppressed and suffering."
Let's start with the hypocrisy of starting off a call to actively impose injustice, oppression, suffering and the tyranny of rule of the major…

Morally corrupt church threatens services to the poor over Marriage in D.C.

OK today I am going to tackle the Catholic Churches threat to stop administering social services for the city of Washington DC, if (which looks pretty cretin) the city legalizes same sex marriage. The church with provides shelter for over one third of the city's homeless as well as run and administer many other social services. Not only does this make the church its self look morally corrupt, but then when the fact that the church is being paid by the city to perform those services it opens up another can or worms.