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Religion, Politics and Claiming The Combined Power of Both.

Well yesterday I summarized the "Manhattan Declaration" and picked apart passages to expose the hypocrisy of those that have signed. As well as taking the opportunity to highlight the moral corruptness of their goals and what they wish to achieve.

Now today I have seen some speculation on the other intent behind that Declaration. The idea that it is not just a statement of political interest in commend, but in fact a solidifying and uniting in an effort to wrangle perceived political power away from more mainstream "mainline churches"

Link to article, Click to view article.

The first assertion of the author of the article is

"this is but a segment of Christian thought, claiming the mantle of Christian history and tradition but excluding broad segments of the faith"

Which when one reads the whole document is a pretty clear as well, as the political goals of the Declaration. When one reads the article it is pretty clear that those that are signing the declaration are trying to claim all of Christian history as theirs. And they also make it clear that they view those that do not agree with their views are not "true" christens in their eyes. unfortunately those non-true christens make up a very large proportion of the Christian community.

It is clear that for the most part those that have signed the declaration are of no surprise they are the political movers and shakers of the anti gay rights movement, Think James Dobson and friends, then add in the increasingly political religious leaders (most notably from the catholic church) who are against gay rights as well. the thing is you then get to those that are not part of this declaration, the most notable of which is the Mormon church who, if this was just about politics one would assume would be the first to be invited to jump in as well as being the first to accept. This helps to lend credence to the assertion that this is a lot more about trying to claim the flag of being true christens then being just political,, because if it was simply political their inclusion would have made perfect since.

Then the other goes on to point out

"But as important as who is present, is who is absent.

among the signatures I was unable to find any members of the United Church of Christ, Episcopal Church, Presbyterian Church (USA), Friends (Quaker), Disciples of Christ, Unitarian Universalist, or American Baptist, there was one United Methodist Minister."

this highlights how much of the Christian community does not share their view/was excluded for their declaration.

Basically those in the declaration only agree upon is opposing abortion (not at any particular point as the issue is pretty much set in stone) and their immediate goal of overturning gay rights as fast as possible. which is the stated purpose of the declaration.

the real meaning behind this and goal is to take Christianity as their own and to plow that into political power.

"this is a war over religious domination, a fight over who is "really Christian" and an effort on the part of a long-suffering religious subset to spite those who have long had what they coveted.

Political power in the United States has long been in the hands of what is not called Mainline Christianity. our presidents have included over a dozen Episcopalians (as is the National Cathedral), about ten Presbyterians, with most of the rest being Methodists, Unitarians, Disciples of Christ and Quakers"

Who if one looks are the exact same denominations that are being shoved to the side by the backers of this declaration as inherently non-real Christians, are currently the ones with most "political" power as they are the Tones with the most politicians of power. then when one looks at those who have not been represented much in political power you find that it is the very religious divisions that are the major backers of the declaration. (most notably Catholics) they see a group who want more political power but has very few if any politicians in positions of power that are members.

Then we get an interesting signer of the declaration, the second one as a matter of fact, it is Rev. Peter J. Akinola, Primate, Anglican Church of Nigeria. which considering that this declaration deals only with the US seems very odd till that

"He is the Nigerian Anglican who has been missionizing the United States in an effort to hurt the Episcopal Church" (which for those that don't know is a branch of the Anglican communion, otherwise known as the church of England) "His inclusion is a very clear message sent to the EC that they are a target for the Catholic Church and the evangelical churches who will use whatever political power they may wield in the future to thwart her position in the nation."

Now when you add into the equation the fact that as it is the Episcopal church (as well as the whole Anglican communion, which is the main body it's a part of) which is on the verge of schism over the ordination of gays, and women. Then add to that the fact that just recently the pope announced that the Catholic Church would make it easier for Anglicans (Episcopalians in the US) to convert, not only that but that they could keep their own rites and priests. (including those that are married, a practice not allowed for catholic priest that must remain celibate) This has raised many eyebrows around the world (especially in Brittan) not just for the fact that the Vatican did not consult its own bishops on the change, but that it did not tell the Archbishop of Canterbury (the leader of the Anglican church) about the change until right before it was announced.

To many even though both the Vatican (the Pope) and the Archbishop of Canterbury try to play this down, it is clearly an effort to pouch members and clergy away from the Anglican church to the catholic church, where they will be set up in special parishes, which will be lead by Anglican clergy that split from the communion. To do this at a time when the church is already on the verge of schism makes it all that much clear to many that, that is the true underlying intent even if it is not stated. As an Episcopalian (although I have not attend church in several years) I find this to especially disturbing.

It is for this reason that I believe that those of faith that are liberal and moderate must stand up in protest, not just to claim the name of Christianity for what is right but to practice what Christ calls all Christians to do, ant that is to work towards easing of suffering, ending of oppression and towards justice. We need to show the bright light that the signers of this declaration are forcefully trying to extinguish and replace with their corrupted values. If we stand on the side lines and allow them to do this, its not only going to affect and harm those in this country, it will have exceptionally devastating effects in Africa and Asia, along with much of the developing would where they hold even more power, and are actively pushing to ensure that death is the ultimate penalty for simply being LGBT in those countries. It is no coincidence that the Catholic church nor the singers of this declaration have come out against the Death to gays laws in Nigeria and other countries. That reason is that they are in support of those laws, and if we do not stop them do not show those in other country threw increased presence that those are not the views of the majority, that those are the views of a corrupted few, the suffering will continue and only get worse.


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