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With In Reach, Yet So Far Away.

So again I have been keeping an eye on what is out there in the way of places to buy and have started to shift back towards the idea of a condo especially with there being a selection in town that is with in grasp, yet it seems that as things come withing grasp other events threaten to pull them back out of grasp.

It's Time For Labor To Take Back The Power.

Seeing as there is already so much written out there about the Obama administrations decision for the DOJ to stop def fending the Protect Marriage Act, I feel no relay need to write about it.  Instead I am going to write on another subject that is increasingly in the new more and more lately, and that is labor rights and the right to unionize and collectively bargain, a god given right that is increasingly under attack not only by corporations and their super wealthy leaders but by their own elected politicians them selves too, who are increasingly playing a part in doing everything they can do to bust up the unions as well as waging a war against the middle class in this country.

One Ending, Time For A New Beginning

As some of my close friends, and coworkers know, the day before valentine's day was not exactly the best day it could have been, instead it marked one more time, in a string of times that one of my relationships had come to an end with me being dumped painfully out of the blue, leaving me emotionally destroyed like a ship smashed aground on the sharp rock of some sea side cliff.  This being a territory that is not at all unknown to me as only on one occasion has a relationship of mine ended where I have not been dumped by the guy that I was seeing. 

Valentine's Day

Working retail of course i know that Valentine's day is going to be apon us sooner then we realize, which is why I have been thinking about it quite a bit lately.  I have never been one of the holidays biggest fans, in part because I have almost always been single for it and in other part because it is such an over hyped spectacle.  Even though I'm in a relationship I'm still not jazzed that it's almost here, for one thing both of us work that day (as well as live an hour apart) which just about kills the day from the start.  Then secondly is the outside presure that, that day must be the most over the top romantic day.  Now don't get me wrong I like romantic, and I like being romantic, however forced romance is not something im good at or like.  maybe I'm odd, but when I feel expected and presued to be romantic and show my love is when I find doing so to be hard and unpleasant.  I find that when I'm preoccupied with having to be so, is when im actually  le…