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With In Reach, Yet So Far Away.

So again I have been keeping an eye on what is out there in the way of places to buy and have started to shift back towards the idea of a condo especially with there being a selection in town that is with in grasp, yet it seems that as things come withing grasp other events threaten to pull them back out of grasp.

Surprise, but it should not be the wealthy elites that are running the country want to wind down the government programs that for over 50 years have successfully helped many many Americans take the step to owning their own property, and instead leave it all up to the private sector which got us into the mess that we are in now.  In the process they are also actively willing and looking to throw many many Americans for whom the ability to fulfill the dream is with in reach not only under the bus but then back them over, all to the benefits of the wealthy banks as well as those wealthy enough to be able to buy up the land and properties to rent to their newly expanded underclasses.  Ensuring that they never gain the momentum towards a level of financial security that they think will allow them to stand up against them. 

From my view tho it makes me even more aggravated disgruntled and resentful of the direction that this country and the world.  It makes me feel ever more that something has to be done to fix this that, something has to come to a head and that the common man the 90% who are being hurt by these policies, these politicians these captains of industry, that they will have to be shown that they can't keep pillaging from us, that we will not except an other economic recovery that only benefits them while the rest of us take yet another hit and sink further bellow the water line of their "rising ships" burdened by the weights they put on us.  How much more of the dream and of your right to make a decent living and live a decent life do we have to have stolen from us before we do something about it?  Because from where I stand it seems that is exactly what is happening, for all their BS talk about trying to invent class warfare, while they actively wadge it, I want to scream.  I have been watching them at first slowly and sneakily take away little bits and prices of my modest dream, and now they have grown even bolder and are attempting to steal the whole kit and combodal from right in front of my face and think that I should stand by quietly like a good little servant!  I think if there were to be a up rising an revolution against this new plutocracy, I most certainly now would take part in it, as they have all but taken the last shredded vestiges of ever being able to truly achieve my dream away.

I feel that it's not to much to ask that one should be able to afford a modest place to live and to call their own, especially when they put in an honest to god weeks work every week year in and year out, yet that is exactly what is being denied, the ability to have a modest place to call ones own.  Instead we are to live in a place of the wealthy's while giving what little they share with us right back to them to never see again.

This is how I am feeling, and it is a feeling that is getting ever stronger as things go on.


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