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Trying To Get In Shape

Once again I am trying to get back on the wagon of trying to lose weight, something that I have not had much luck with for a while.  So this time my goal is a more modest 10lbs for the whole year.  This is something that I want to do for one thing to be healthier  and closer to my healthy weight, as well as to improve my appearance.  I am hoping that I will have better luck then any of the other times that I have tried in the recent past, I have set higher goals in the past but this time my goal is 185lbs (with my healthy weight being 165-170)  and right now I am between 195-196.  I have been around this wight for the last couple of years seemingly no matter how much effort I put in which has always caused me to get discouraged and give up in the past. 


I thought I would talk about this topic today as I know it is not something that is exclusive to me but it also seems to be something that no matter how much I try to work on and how many times I think I have dealt with them they always bubble up to the surface.  Most dramatically when in the starting stages of a possible relationship.  It seems that they come out of no where, from the murky depths where reason goes to die, and where rationality rules supreme, a place that is all but impossible to penetrate and thus the ultimate strong hold.

Back Again

It has been a while since I have posted anything, in part that has been simply because I have been so busy (yeah I know a lousy excuse) and another part has been that so many things have gone on that I have not felt like posting right away/ that I did not really want to get into at the time.  I am going to totally skip over the current events in the news as every one knows what they are, instead I think I will do a quick update on what is going on with me and all that good jazz.