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Back Again

It has been a while since I have posted anything, in part that has been simply because I have been so busy (yeah I know a lousy excuse) and another part has been that so many things have gone on that I have not felt like posting right away/ that I did not really want to get into at the time.  I am going to totally skip over the current events in the news as every one knows what they are, instead I think I will do a quick update on what is going on with me and all that good jazz.

One of the big developments is that I am no longer actively in the market for a place to buy, as the unsuccessfulness of the previous attempt has caused me to take a step back and decide for one thing that I want to increase the amount I have saved to use towards a down payment, and that secondly I am no longer nearly as confident in the decision to buy.  In part from a financial stand point unless something impossible where to come by and from anther perspective I'm less confident now then I was at the original outset of this project that the housing market, and the economy will actually continue to improve or improved significantly in the forcible long term.  With the latest political and power upheaval I am significantly less confident that for some one in my shoes the picture will remain stable let alone get brighter economically.  Maybe I am being to cynical or buying into the political mudslinging to much, but I am let feeling less then enthused to make such a big decision.

I am also on the same token even more willing to do and learn other positions at work that in the past I would have probably turned down/declined the request to do, like the fact that now in addition to being a backup price changer I am going to be training to be a backup auditor as well.  In part because it is another thing to know how to do, but also because it make me more valuable to keep around where I currently am.  But to me it also represents more skills that I posses if goodness forbid something where to happen and I needed to find another living quickly. 

In good part the recent spats of uncertainty that I feel are going on and that I have encountered seem to be having the affect of making me even more conservative careful with my financial choices as well as my choices when it comes to employment.  That I seem to be becoming even more risk avoidance, as well as stockpiling even more for the worst case scenario, that to an extent still needs to be countered out and balanced with a living and enjoying the hear and now as well.


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