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Anonymous Comment, The "polite" Homophone NOT

So it never ceases to amaze my how people think that some how they can be a polite homophobe and prove that they are not hateful and there for a good kind of homophobe, and this comment from an Anonamus poster just goes to prove that like there is no such thing as a polite racist there is no such thing as a polite homophobe.
This is the comment left in response to my blog post Ref 74 The Deadline Is Near.

" "hate filled agenda"LOL why do gays thing that anyone who dosent agree with them are hate filled? i'm against gay "marriage" because it's bizarre and unatrual not becuase i hate gays.Just becuase i think that a dude jamming himself into another dudes lower intestine is perverted dose not mean i hte them i just think it's disgusting" (copied exactly spelling and grammatical errors included)

Now this sort of comment contains one of my biggest pet peeves and it is when the person posting not only tries to paint them selves as the victim, the …