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Anonymous Comment, The "polite" Homophone NOT

So it never ceases to amaze my how people think that some how they can be a polite homophobe and prove that they are not hateful and there for a good kind of homophobe, and this comment from an Anonamus poster just goes to prove that like there is no such thing as a polite racist there is no such thing as a polite homophobe.
This is the comment left in response to my blog post Ref 74 The Deadline Is Near.

" "hate filled agenda"LOL why do gays thing that anyone who dosent agree with them are hate filled? i'm against gay "marriage" because it's bizarre and unatrual not becuase i hate gays.Just becuase i think that a dude jamming himself into another dudes lower intestine is perverted dose not mean i hte them i just think it's disgusting" (copied exactly spelling and grammatical errors included)

Now this sort of comment contains one of my biggest pet peeves and it is when the person posting not only tries to paint them selves as the victim, the victim of some sort of nasty gay name calling and mistreatment, while as at the same time feign not understanding why there are being called out on the bullshit that is their cover of polite homophobia.  It is because there is no way that they are actually stupid enough to not understand that seeking to take away some one else basic human rights is not only something that is hate full and not "loving" or even polite.  Let alone to call others strange bizarre and then bring up things that may or may not go on in some else bedroom is not polite ether. All of which is something that I absolutely can't stand.  Stay tuned after the jump for my response back to them.

First off why don't you actually grow some balls and post this as something other then anonymous, I mean really you feel so strongly about this yet you don't even have the balls to put any sort of name to it.

"why do gays think that anyone who doesn't agree with them are hate filled." I love how you assume that A. all gays are the same B. That such feelings are exclusive to "the gays" and are not at all shared by straights, which would be a gross misunderstanding on your part. There is nothing exclusive to the gay community about being able to look at the agenda of Protect Marriage Washington and it's backers and seeing the hate that is behind it. Matter of fact I have yet to run into a straight person that I know that dose not see it for the same hate and homophobia filled piece of work that it is.

After all last time that I checked when you are loving towards (not in the romantic since) you don't try to put up to vote their basic human rights and you sure as hell don't try to take away one of those basic human rights, which is exactly what marriage is and has been found to be by the UN and that is a position that the US has been signed on to for decades, for the entire history of the UN bill of human rights. It is not from a position of love, hell of even basic kindness that one calls the committed loving relationships of other Bizarre and unnatural, it is from a place of homophobia that these things come from and homophobia is feed by hatred.

There is no such thing as being politely homophobic and you Sir/or Mam are most certainly not polite in any way shape or form , instead you are extremely caustic and offensive in the way that you have chosen to speak and express your views. You show how hypocritical that those who share your views are and how willfully ignorant you are. Not to mention that you know full well why you are seen for the hateful little things that you are but instead of owning up to it you feign ignorance and try to paint your selves as the victim, well my friend the days where that trick works have and are quickly coming to an end.

I will not even dignify your last remark with a response as you are being acutely rude, but it is strange that someone that finds gay people so repulsive you sure seem to think about what goes on in the bedroom way more then any gay person does. like the old saying goes you object to much.

Until next time dear readers.


  1. What a horrid person that wrote to you under the cover of being anonymous. And your ever so right about them painting themselves the victim in this civil rights battle.

    To tell you the truth, Im sick to death of the right saying that anti-bully laws are discriminating against their right to basically hate lgbt people.

    So the bible has a few verses about male/male sex. It also quite clearly allows slavery, but you dont hear about them whining about the fact they cant own slaves even though the bible says so.

    Stupid haters!


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