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Showing posts from October 15, 2011

Fake Friends, Whats The Point?

It seems these days that it is easier then ever to make "fake friends" those friends that simply cross your path then some how wind up cluttering your Facebook as friends even when in reality they are nothing but an impostor. They are the friends that never pay attention to you when you are having difficulties, don't have your back when you need your friends most, but that dose not soap them from throwing insults your way, from throwing condemnations your way not going about doing things exactly like them, for not having all the same opportunities that they have had. In this case a friend who decided that it would be OK the call me a "stupid hippy" which to me is a strange insult as for one thing I am not stupid and for another the counter culture movement of the late 60's had a very profound impact on this country and brought about changes both political and social that are still an important part of society today.  let alone if one where to go by his defi…