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Fake Friends, Whats The Point?

It seems these days that it is easier then ever to make "fake friends" those friends that simply cross your path then some how wind up cluttering your Facebook as friends even when in reality they are nothing but an impostor. They are the friends that never pay attention to you when you are having difficulties, don't have your back when you need your friends most, but that dose not soap them from throwing insults your way, from throwing condemnations your way not going about doing things exactly like them, for not having all the same opportunities that they have had. In this case a friend who decided that it would be OK the call me a "stupid hippy" which to me is a strange insult as for one thing I am not stupid and for another the counter culture movement of the late 60's had a very profound impact on this country and brought about changes both political and social that are still an important part of society today.  let alone if one where to go by his definition of "stupid hippy" the founding fathers and those that supported them would have fallen under that group too! 

What to me crosses the line is when someone that pretends to be a friend has very little clue about who you are, your life story. But what really crosses it is when you tell them some about it and explain why your are who you are, and why you view the world and it's issues the way you do, is when they decide that snide comments are not enough but that instead it is time to threw five post throw every insult and hell even the kitchen sink at you for good measure.  To call you an worthless idiot, and call all your views and values worthless whining of an moron, and to insult you for what you do as a living to!  To say to your face that you are worthless because you have not fallowed the exact same path as them that because you have had challenges that they have decide to ignore you are worthless and lazy and deserving of absolutely no respect.  To say to you that because of your job you don't deserve any respect that you don't deserve the right to advocate for the ability to have decent but modest living standards that to even have those values is to be a whiny moron!  To me that is not something that a real friend says to another, that when a real friend dose not discount everything that another says, they don't insult everything about them and ever single choice that they have ever made since they have known them!  A friend uses empathy to put them selves in the shoes of another to see.

It is totally betrayal and an utter lack of any empathy for any one other then them selves to insult some one that is supposed to be your friend that has opened them selves up to you and that has shared their story with you and shared details of that story that are not absolute public knowledge, and it is cold heartedness to use that openness and that sharing as part of your insult and betrayal to the person that used to be your friend. A friend dose not use your life against you they are supposed to help pick you up or at the very least gently and politely disagree with you.  This sucks so much, I am so tired of having this happen, all it dose is leave me feeling hurt used and like walling off from every one, as that is the only way that has kept this from happening, it seems every time that I try and let that wall down and to make friends that ultimately they decide to betray my friendship and tare me down in the process. 

I just don't understand why people do these things to me, why I get to be the one that they feel they can lead along and then cast aside like some used up piece of trash with out any care.  This has happened several times before in my life when friends have decided that it I'm just trash to be tossed aside.  This just causes so much insecurity to go flying off the handle all anew, insecurities that have eaten me up for so long and that only have I slowly be able to start to over come threw effort over the last several years, and this seems to be the reward, having the thing that helped to create them happen again, to blow on the flames of insecurity like the bellows in fire to forge steal.  Now I wounder why I even bother to have freinds if this is all that it brings!


  1. i dont get the whole fake friends thing either. whats the point of it?

    i think the wall street protests will wake americans up to just how bad things are.

    sorry i didnt respond soooner, but ive been massivly sick lately. and things just kinda got away from me. but im better now, yay!

  2. I'm glad that you are feeling better, I don't get the point of fake friends either it just seems like a wast of time and effort to me but what do I know I guess.


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