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Showing posts from February 26, 2012

Trapped & Suffocating

I have been struggling to try to find an way to even half way put what I am feeling into worlds let alone to describe it in a way that any once else can understand, I have finally decided to just give it a go and pretty much stick with what ever comes out, as it is write, otherwise I will never get it out  and posted.  So please bare with me if things are not quite that clear or they are worded wordlessly. I have been felling so trapped and suffocated lately craving the one thing that I just can't seem to have, the one thing that I want so badly that just is not an option.  I find my self feeling so much like the 3 Doors Down song after the jump.

A North West View New And Improved!

So I have made some changes to the blog, done some redecorating, some rearranging and added in a few new things, hopefully it makes for a more interesting and engrossing blog, for new comers and especially those of you that are my subscribers.  I really hope that you all enjoy the new look.