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Showing posts from February 6, 2010

Dating Or Not

So to night was one of those nights at work where I had lots of time for my mind to wonder and think while I did my work. (simply working freight alone will do that) I spent a good amount of time thinking about my dating life, or to be precise lack of one, I mean I have not been on a date in over a year (since my last relationship ended) and don't really have a prospect ether.  I know I should not get particularly hung up on things like this, and in general I don't.  Part of it I know is me, is the fact that I am not particularly into the "gay scene"/bar so I don't really go out and do that sort of thing. It also dose not help that I'm not one that is that up on fashion, or always in the hottest current trend, I like to look nice but I just can't really keep up with what ever the trend is nor is it really that much of a high concern for me.  Unfortunately this seems to make it hard to meet guys my age, especially ones that are interested in having a reall…