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Showing posts from December 8, 2010

Obama The Pairless Wounder!!

Another example of why we so desperately needed Hilary instead of Obama, he has once again managed to play bend over backwords to please the republicans, with absolutely no guarantee that they will go threw on their part of the bergen and a road map of recent history that they will not.  This time it is in extending the Bush tax cuts to the top 2% of Americans, a move that this country can ill afford to make, as well as lowering the inheritance tax for amounts over 1million dollars.  All in the hopes that the republicans will indeed vote to extend unemployment benefits for another few months for the many Americans who are among the long term unemployed.  All this not just immediately but the long term adding to the massively mounting deficit that increasingly threatens to drown our economy by the time it eventually makes a semblance of a recovery.  All so that the republican leadership can adhere to their 30 year disproved theory of trickle down economics that even Regions economics g…