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Obama The Pairless Wounder!!

Another example of why we so desperately needed Hilary instead of Obama, he has once again managed to play bend over backwords to please the republicans, with absolutely no guarantee that they will go threw on their part of the bergen and a road map of recent history that they will not.  This time it is in extending the Bush tax cuts to the top 2% of Americans, a move that this country can ill afford to make, as well as lowering the inheritance tax for amounts over 1million dollars.  All in the hopes that the republicans will indeed vote to extend unemployment benefits for another few months for the many Americans who are among the long term unemployed.  All this not just immediately but the long term adding to the massively mounting deficit that increasingly threatens to drown our economy by the time it eventually makes a semblance of a recovery.  All so that the republican leadership can adhere to their 30 year disproved theory of trickle down economics that even Regions economics guy has said dose not work as recently as this week on the Colbert Report!  Yet we continue to steam down this path that the rich simply are not rich enough and that in order for their to be prosperity and jobs they must be allowed to pay way less then their fair share so that they can trickle it down to the rest of the economy, all in the face of irrefutable evidence that simply dose not work and that instead the money trickles up to the wealthy where it stays and dose not then trickle back down. 

If trickle down economics did work then the percentage of wealth held by the top 2% in this country would not be on par with or more then the percentage that they held right before the economic crash of 1929 and the start of The Great Depression.  Yet they do hold that much of the wealth, and as their ships continue to rise even in the face of this crippling recession the boats of the rest of the citizens of this country are luck to stay where they are if not to be taking on water or full capsized and sunk into poverty.  The last 30 years of trickle down economics has been nothing but a very visible war on the middle class, as we went for a period where taxes where higher especially on the super wealthy, who even then still got to live like nuevo royalty, but it was a period where this country had the most robust middle class that it has ever seen!  But since the theory of trickle down economics has taken on the allor of the holy grail the earning power of the middle class American family has frozen and in many cases decreased, leaving no wonder that so many took to easy credit to make up for the difference.   Not to mention the rate of people falling from the middle class into poverty has dramatically increased, we went from a war on poverty in the 60's to a war on the middle class in the 80's that has lead to the gutting of much of the middle class and creating a situation where many in the middle class are one little hiccups away from falling into being the working poor, those that have employment yet still fall below the poverty line.   Yet our fearless republican party tells us that we must not institute policy that help the vast majority of americans the middle class and the working poor, that we must instead shoulder the burden of giving to the very top crust for they simply don't have enough already and once they do and their boat has sufficiently risen they will bring ours up too.

To me this is one of the most absurd and obscene things that can be said, that we the working classes must subjugate our selves and whats in our best interest ultimate that of our country to those who are already economically at the top, No what we need to do is stand together and demand that those at the top start to pay their fare share and that they start to shoulder their fair burden of paying for the services that it takes to run this county and that they have exploited to make their fortunes.  Because if it was not for the things that the taxes pay for this country to support they would not have made such a fortune and they would not be so nearly well off as they are, and it is about time that they pay for the previews they have of using the spoils of this country. 

Yet Obama has all but bent over backwards to insure that the obscenely wealthy do not have to shoulder a fair share of the burden, but that instead they get to shoulder and obscenely miniscule part of it instead.  He has yet again bowed down at the feet of these obscenely wealthy people and offered up the middle and poor classes as a sacrifice to the hopes of their liking, and in all likelihood the sacrifice will be taken but again the little asked for in return will be all but denied. This makes me really regret that Hillary was not instead elected because at leas she has a pair and could and would at least stand up and fight against the interest of the obscenely wealthy for those of the common majority, instead of abandoning the party in their fight to do whats right.  I don't think the republicans are going to have to try to hard to make Obama a one term president, he is doing a very great job of that himself, our only real hope is that he ether grows a pair some time in the next two years, or that in 2012 Hillary runs and we can put some one with a real pair and backbone in office instead of the pairless jellyfish that we curently have.


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