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Destructively Unprofessional Medical Professionals In the Age Of Social Media

One has to like it when trained counselors, psychologist, and psychiatrist like to ignore LGBTQ identiedis. Instead insisting those that do not fit the narrow box that they inhabit are dysfunctioned and even delusional. It is one thing when they do so in a professional setting like their office, even though it is still damaging there, it is atleast a setting where they have had time to get an understanding of the person over time.   It is a totally different thing when they do so in online comment threads; and provide “professional opinions” on people that have never met. that simply know through one or two comments instead, simply because they disagree with the opinion that said “professional” holds.

What It's Like To Be Demisexual.

I had never heard the world Demisexual until about a year ago.  When I read about what it meant to be demisexual it was like a light bulb went off, and there was an explanation for the way that I am. It also meant that I was not strange; and that there were other people like me.  The most basic definition of demisexuality is that for one to be sexual attracted to another person and to actually want to have sex with them, they need to have a deep emotional bond with that person, and until they have such a bond there is just no sexual attraction.  This does not mean as in my case, and many others, that they can’t find people physically attractive; however this is different then the kind of attraction that many non demisexual people feel. That is because there is no sexual component to finding the person attractive, it is more akin to how one can find a painting pleasing to the eye, or cars and furniture.  For me I can see that someone has good looks and I can visually appreciate how th…