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Issues That Still Haunt

While I am feeling worlds better than I have been, joy, happiness and optimism have once again returned to my life, which I am very thankful for.  At the same time though this has not cured all of the things that have been troubling my mind, it has just left me feeling like not touching them at all, which I guess is quite a natural response given the circumstances.  However it has become very clear to me that not dealing with them will not make them go away, but instead that it is only a temporary fix that only pushes them to a date further in the future which is quite often when it is hardest to deal with them. Not only that but leaving them festering inside they only eat up more and more of you making them that much more insidious.


Well as some of you may have noticed on some of my recent post the art in the form of photography that I have been using in my blog post to help crate visual interest and help convey emotions deeper messages then simple text it's self can,(because as they say a photo is worth a thousand words) has departed from that which has been used on many posts in the past, that is because instead of using clip art and general internet stuff I have been using my own photographs.  This is something that I am interested in continuing to do

Crazy Equals Padded Room Right?

So there was a new story that involved a school disciplined a child, but that is not what the point of the post it, it is about one statement that has been bugging me in the back of my mind for two days. And has me wanting to write a post to get my opinion in when ti comes to mental illness/health,  it is the fact that the mother instead of trying to turn the moment and the assumption it brought her son too, she decided to hold a press conference about it. During which she said"had been traumatized" ...  "being a impressionable kid who watches TV he sees padded rooms thinks crazy people go in padded room so when you place him in a padded room you think he is crazy"   What got under my skin is for one thing is did not even try to work with her child to turn it into a teachable moment that "Crazy" people do not need to be put into padded rooms,

What Path To Follow?

So dear followers, I have been wondering if I should spin the different post having to do with my Bipolar Disorder off into their own blog, and

Free Falling Into The Darkness

I am sorry for the lack of posting lately, as I think I mentioned in my last post I am slippingsliding free falling into another depression, which in part means I am pretty withdrawn from the world. I mean even with going to work, I may be out of the house (even though it is really the last thing I want to be) but I am just going threw the motions with a fake mask of if not happiness (as I am all to aware that said mask sometimes fails) of at least thing being all ok and good over all, even though in reality they are not.  How ever underneath that mask I am more detached from everything that is going on around me and even any conversation I may (or may not be

My Appointment, An Update.

Well like I promised I would, I am posting a quick little update blog, so that you (my readers) don't worry too much.  Well yesterday I had my appointment with my pdoc (I like this abbreviation for psychiatrist better then what I have used in the past) I guess it went as well as could be expected all things considered.I I feel that I made a fool and a idiotic spectacle of my self, but I guess that is another thing all together.  Well I am still not sure how I feel about it, but I left the appointment with a new prescription, although I am not sure that is what I really wanted nor if it is what I want. That and an appointment for next week as well, which is something that I do want.   I guess the idea of the new prescription is to try to help level me out and deal with some of the symptoms that have been bothering me the most lately, but I am now not sure now if I really want to do that or not. (I know real decisive of me, then again when I am this way divisiveness is not somethin…

Opposites Mixed, Lows & Ups Combined

I want to share with you one of the things that has the power to make my bouts of depression even worse, which would seem funny as being depressed is not very fun at all as it is.  Now I am not trying to say that I'm horribly depressed right now but I am seeing the clear signs that what has been just a low mode is starting to pick up speed and head down the familiar slope of slipping into a depression.  Now the speed with which