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What Path To Follow?

So dear followers, I have been wondering if I should spin the different post having to do with my Bipolar Disorder off into their own blog, and
thus allow this blog to be brought back into what it was, which as a platform to share my views on different current events and issues that I felt where important. I would like your feed back this matter, I want to know if you think that this blog has become muddled and less pleasurable to fallow because of the those post, or if you think that it has at times gotten to dark for your liking, I would like to know.  Or do you think that spinning off a blog that focuses more on my Bipolar Disorder and my struggles with it is a bad idea I would like to know as well, This is your chance as a reader to help and shape what A North West View as a blog is and the direction that it takes. Bey until next time dear readers. 


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When The Wheels Come Flying Off The High

So how do you get to the point where the wheels are flying off the your manic high, especially when you are supposedly supposed to be educated on your disorder.  For me that is at once a complicated and in ways a simple question.  It is complicated because there are so many warning signs to be missed or to be shoved under the rug, and yet so simple because it is rooted in the fact that your brain is saying that everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about, when in fact if you value your mental stability and balance, like I do, there is very much to be worried about.  This is not just so abstract question that I ponder in my mind like an artifact displayed in a case at a museum, it is something that is a very real part of my life and something that I am living through at this very moment. 

Start The Journey

Life is something that one truly has no choice but to take part in, but life can also be an adventure if one chooses to make it one . 

Looking Back On The Road Traveled

Looking Back On The Road Traveled

Reflecting on where you've been On the hours, days, feet, and miles that have come before Reflecting on the challenges and beauty that lay behind Reminding yourself of all the wonders that lie on the road ahead All the promises, joys, and beauty yet to be beheld In the hours, days, feet, and miles that lie ahead