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Looking back
Well as some of you may have noticed on some of my recent post the art in the form of photography that I have been using in my blog post to help crate visual interest and help convey emotions deeper messages then simple text it's self can,(because as they say a photo is worth a thousand words) has departed from that which has been used on many posts in the past, that is because instead of using clip art and general internet stuff I have been using my own photographs.  This is something that I am interested in continuing to do
, as I do have a large collection of photos that I have yet to even edit and place into a format that is computer/internet friendly.

I am of the belief that photography freezes a moment of time and beauty, that will never be repeated and preserve it for all of eternity, which to me makes photography a very powerful, not only for saving memories, but as a form of art and expression as well.  However in addition to that it captures an emotional message, on that extends beyond the subject its self, and that it also captures the emotional state that the photographer was in at the time. Which has the power to give the viewer a powerful look deep down into the soul of the person that was behind the lens of the camera that they may not have other wise gotten.
Wave frozen in time

I feels that it captures the emotional state of the photographer in no small part because they where the one that not only composed the picture, which is a big part of capturing the emotions of the picture but they are also in the age of digital photography the ones that edit it in post prediction allowing them to highlight the part of the picture that they feel are important.  Or even change the entire emotional state of the photography by playing around with the very coloring of the photograph to bring out portions, along with the contrast and many other things, which can make the same photo have entirely different feels, and emotional states.  Which are in part different to every one as no one looks at a photo and sees the exact same thing and by that I don't mean the  composition , but what they see in the composition when it comes to their emotional response.

I don't consider my self to be a professional by a long shot, but I do consider my self to be an amateur photographer, although I get out fare less then I would like, and don't necessarily have the best skill set in part do the lack of time I wind up with to play around with my camera. although while I may like photography, and being out with my camera shooting, you will be hard pressed to actually find photos of mys self as I am not one that likes to be or feels comfortable in front of the lens, I much prefer to be behind it, as there I have to power over what is captured.
My brother 

Now we come to the part where I would like the feed back of you my readers, what I want to know is if you feel that my new focus on using my own photography as the visual interest in by blog is adding to your experience over my previous use of the clip art sort of photos, or if you got more out of that.  After all as much as this is my blog it is yours too, as you are the ones that help to bring it to life and in a way make it a worth while outlet threw your feed back and participation. I sincerely would love your feed back on this, so please leave me your feedback in the comment section. 


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