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Trying To Get In Shape

Once again I am trying to get back on the wagon of trying to lose weight, something that I have not had much luck with for a while.  So this time my goal is a more modest 10lbs for the whole year.  This is something that I want to do for one thing to be healthier  and closer to my healthy weight, as well as to improve my appearance.  I am hoping that I will have better luck then any of the other times that I have tried in the recent past, I have set higher goals in the past but this time my goal is 185lbs (with my healthy weight being 165-170)  and right now I am between 195-196.  I have been around this wight for the last couple of years seemingly no matter how much effort I put in which has always caused me to get discouraged and give up in the past. 

Weight has always been an issue for me, I was much heavier when I was in school, to the point that when I graduated high school I was up in the 250's range. I took me over a year and quite a bit of work and changes to get down to where I currently am.  but once I got to this weight progress seems to have stalled and has been at a stand still ever since.  So I am trying even harder to eat a more balanced and healthier diet as well as to become even more active.  Which at times is proving to be a challenge, with one of the good aspects of  my job being that I am able to manage to maintain my current wait with out a lot of extra work do to the physical aspect of my work, and the fact that no matter what I am just about always on my feet and moving around doing something every day when I'm there. 

The challenge I have set for my self is to work my self into making even better choices about what I eat and how much of it I eat, as at times portion control has always been an issue for me.  As well as recognizing negative behaviors and working to replace them or substitute them with positive ones, like going for a walk, cleaning or doing something physical when I'm feeling upset or board instead of eating.  I am also working to include exercise of some kind into my daily schedule and routine and to make it something that I do and that I enjoy on a daily basis.  I am not yet to a place where I am or would be comfortable going to a gym (and highly doubt I ever will be) so I am trying to work in doing at least one exercise tape a day and have found that I like moms old Richard Simmons ones,  I know how gay could I get but I like the music it's fun keeps you pumped and the positive feed back to motivate is great and for me makes me want to do it. 

How ever I am still trying to fine a good sort of strength building and toning routine that I can do at home to help me build my strength, as not only would I like to get in better shape I would like to get stronger too.  That I have not yet quite figured out all the way yet.

I hope to threw these help to shape my body into something not only is healthier, better looking and more attractive, but something that I can be proud of and less insecure about, that I will have few faults that I can see and that I feel unhappy about.  So that I can feel at home and comfortable in my body no matter what.  I hope to make it to a point where I am not uncomfortable and ashamed to take my shirt off, and where I can once again even go swimming, as it has been a long time since I could do that due to the fact that I am totally uncomfortable having my shirt off when any one can see let a lone in public!  I hope to keep you all informed with updates as I progress towards my goal and lose some of my extra wight and baggage along the way.


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