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It's Time For Labor To Take Back The Power.

Seeing as there is already so much written out there about the Obama administrations decision for the DOJ to stop def fending the Protect Marriage Act, I feel no relay need to write about it.  Instead I am going to write on another subject that is increasingly in the new more and more lately, and that is labor rights and the right to unionize and collectively bargain, a god given right that is increasingly under attack not only by corporations and their super wealthy leaders but by their own elected politicians them selves too, who are increasingly playing a part in doing everything they can do to bust up the unions as well as waging a war against the middle class in this country.

Of course the actions of the politician's comes as no surprise when you realize that many of them are in the pockets of the cooperation's them selves as well as many times more likely to be millionaires then the average citizen of this county, matter of fact that hey have a 1 in 2 chance of being a millionaire while the average citizen has a 1 in 22 chance.  It should then come as no surprise that they then pander towards the interest of the wealthy and super wealthy who, over the last 3 decades have grabbed in increasingly disproportionately large piece of the pie when it comes to wealth in this country and economic gains.   A piece so large that now the top 2% control 90% of all the wealth in the county, while the top 2 percent has seen its income after taxes sky rocket over the last 3 decades adjusted for inflation the bottom 90% has seen their income shrink adjusted.  Instead they are when compared to what incomes would have been had the income division from the decade before 1979 stayed true, they are giving up income to the top 20% with the major share of it going to the top 2% wealthiest of Americans, who are also paying ever less in taxes. Yet they want more, and as part of their insatiable campaign to create a new royal ruling class made up of only the supper wealthy and created a new feudal system they need to destroy the unions that grew out of the working mans rise against such corporate feudalism around the turn of the last century. 

They are trying everything they can to bust the unions, to take away the rights of the workers to negotiate for fair pay, fair compensation, fair benefits, safe working conditions and the right to make an honest living.  They don't want unions because they take away their power to steal pay from their own workers, to work their workers in hazardous and dangerous conditions, because unions stand up for the interest of the working man and women which are exactly what the super wealthy don't want.   It can be seen ins Wisconsin and many other states that want to curtail union contracts and even take away the rights of the workers to collectively bargain for such things as pay and benefits.  You can see it in the corporations who are increasingly flaunting the law and firing workers for attempting to unionize or even simply mentioning unions at all.  They are intimidating their workers when they do try to organize with threats, because they know that to corrupt politicians will not do a thing about it. 

It is getting to be past high time that the American worker, stand up organize unite and tell the new plutocracy that we have been walked on smashed into the ground and been taken to the cleaners lone enough by them and that we will not take it any longer.  That we demand a fair piece of the pie and that if they do not give it to us that we will come and take it from them by what ever means necessary.  They have thwarted the will of the people for Long enough and it is time for them to pay for the ills that they have hoisted upon us.  If they do not act soon to make up for the ills they have caused then they shale be rudely awaken when they are thrown out of power and their ill gotten gains are once again in the hands of the men and women that worked so hard for them, they will see what happens when you cross and screw over the working classes the vast majority of the people, and for them it will not be a pleasant or a pretty site, it will be a site reminiscent of the over throw of monarchs of centuries past, and these politicians and "captains of industry" are the new royal family, and lords.  They should be quaking with fear behind their gated communities at the power that organized labor has, and they should fear that the actions they take now will only speed up the resurgence and strengthening of organized labor as a whole.

I will leave you with this one simple thought/statement, it is way past due for organized labor, (and labor in general) to take back power in this country, and it is only a matter of time until it dose.   As always thank you for fallowin.


  1. I agree. At this time in our country, I feel we have reached a watershed moment. Its the liberals against the conservatives as never before, rich against the middle class/poor. Also the fight for civil rights for lgbt has caused a huge amount of backlash of hate from the teaparty. We could tip the scales either way, and at this moment I'm not really sure which way its going to go.

    I think this is going to be one of the defining moments of our country. I sure do hope this doesnt get violent, but at this juncture, im so not sure....


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