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Morally corrupt church threatens services to the poor over Marriage in D.C.

OK today I am going to tackle the Catholic Churches threat to stop administering social services for the city of Washington DC, if (which looks pretty cretin) the city legalizes same sex marriage. The church with provides shelter for over one third of the city's homeless as well as run and administer many other social services. Not only does this make the church its self look morally corrupt, but then when the fact that the church is being paid by the city to perform those services it opens up another can or worms.

How is it that a religious instant is being provided with public (tax payer money) to run social services, If there as the contrition says is supposed to be a separation of church and state. Not to mention that providing funding and handing over operations of public services to a religious institution blatantly creates a situation ripe for this sort of religious black mail of secular government. It opens the door to large conflicts of interest, driven by the fear that to legislate this or to legislate that will cause those privet institutions that have been seeded the job of the government will no longer be willing to carry out their agreed upon duty, leaving those that they serve left out to dry. This is why the government should not be in the practice of having privet companies, organizations, and intuitions given the power and authority to act as/or in the place of, arms of the government. Not only in services but everything from them to wagering war.

Now on to the far more disturbing part of this, the stance of the catholic church. The stance that if in order to act as an arm of the secular government they have to fallow all the laws including those on discrimination, that they will refuse to administer the social services that they up until this point had been willing to do with the tax payer dolor. Then they To try to frame it as the government trying to undermine its religious views the right to freedom of religion, by requiring that those that contract with the city to provide services for the public as an arm of the city must fallow all applicable laws that any privet or more specifically government agency would be required to fallow. Such as antidiscrimination laws or the rule that upsets the church most, the requirement that they would have to extend the same benefits to partners of married same sex couple as those they do to heterosexual couples, that are employed to provide the city paid for social services. (the one that the church now wants to drop, leaving all those that depend on them in the lurch)

The fact that the Catholic Church not only finds the act of threatening such action to be appropriate, or the fact that they view paying equal benefits to those they employ while acting as an agent of the government appropriate, but that they see such actions as sectioned by god, demonstrates an total breakdown of morality to any rational being. Not only does the threat of such action as dropping all charity to an entire city turn its back on the teachings of Christ, but to do so in the name of trying to foster hatred and foster iniquity other creations of god dose too!

However this should come as no surprise from a church who is also blatantly trying to pouch members for another by promoting its intolerance of gays and intolerance of women. A church who now paints its self in the light of what and those that it agents and hates instead of for love of gods creations, and for love of one's fellow man. I say let the church stop it's social work in DC let others step up and let the public see how petty and unChrist like the catholic church has become, because maybe then the demand for change will become loud both outside and inside the church


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