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Fresh New Start & Fresh New Ads

Finally after a month's long hiatus from any real advertising at all Chrysler is steeping its game up with some creative adds, that not only are different and at least in my opinion catchy but also help to separate the brands out.

I hope that they keep up the good work in advertising as I am finally starting to see their ads on TV again, and to me they seem to be affective at the goal of helping to shape an identity for each of the brands.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

The Chrysler 300C

I think that it dose a great job of conveying the hip classy vibe that Chrysler's adds have been lacking for a while, and it helps to bring the new Chrysler Connect tag line out (the same one used in the Town and Country beach add)

Then there is the Dodge Journey Amplified ad

To me I like it because it give off a nice hip young vibe, it points out great features of the vehicle, while using the neat catch line of amplified, and it helps to project that dodge is not just the every man car but its the every mans car with attitude built right in. That is one reason I love my Caliber so much it may be a compact car but it has so much attitude, its got the sort of tough masculine lines that say it means business, and that you better not get in the way of what ever that is.

Then comes The Jeep I Live I Rid I Am Jeep ad(s)

Again it has a nice hip young feel to it and it perfectly captures that essence of what Jeep is, Jeep is the brand for those that live for the adventure of it, those that don't wait for life to come to them but out and make it happen. I personally can't wait to see where they take this, add direction in the future.

Then we get to the Ram My Name Is Ram add

This one is interesting as it it conveys very well what a Ram is. What is going to be especially interesting is where they go with this as they continue to work towards their goal of turning Ram into a 4th brand for Chrysler, where it becomes the turk and work brand uninhibited by the dodge car side of the equation like before, and free and encouraged to pursue its own advertising campaign.  I really am curious to see how this add will translate as the rumored 3 Vans join the Ram line up in replacement of the Sprinter.


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