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Waiting On The Bank

So Tuesday I got my few questions answers and all the paperwork the bank sent me signed initialed and mailed back to them, so that my loan application can continue threw the process.  I am quite hopeful as from the little that I was told things sound pretty good, which I am happy about but not truly surprised about.   I am however now in the wait and hold pattern while I wait to hear back from the bank.

I am quite hopeful and confident, and am hoping that they do get back to me sooner then latter as from simply looking at listing online there are some quite interesting and promising properties out there that I would like a chance to look at and quite possibly get in on.  I am also hopeful that when/if I get approved and actually start in on the process of much more actively looking for a house that I will be able to convince Dad to get on board and be at least supportive and be willing to bounce ideas around with, or at least realize that this is my life my decisions and I am going to be doing it ether way and that him being a supportive participant will be the better option. 

I am nervous and excited, and hope to be keeping you all informed about these proceeding and more happy details here pretty soon.  Thank you all for subscribing and fallowing along with me on this crazy little adventure.


  1. both fingers are crossed, and hoping hard for you!!! GOOD LUCK!

    and rather random and off topic, but hey tis ok, yeah? I love the pictures you add to illustrate your posts. they perfectly match the theme of your posts.

  2. thank you for the compliment, and thank you for the wishes of luck!!


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