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Finding Strength

Today's topic is going to be finding strength, not in the physical since but in spiritual, mental since, the kind of strength that allows you to keep on going in life even threw the lowest points, to not let any obstacles stand in your way.  It is the kind of strength that can allow you to eventually come out, and to start to process of living as a proud open gay man, although I would not claim to be any wear near that level yet, but it also the kind of strength that is important in helping you to get threw and deal with other challenges that are thrown in your life path.   I strongly believe that with out Spiritual, emotional and mental strength, and that ability to grow and rebuild it that one is at a very great risk when they are faced with hard times and hard challenges in life, as it is those times that most often take a very strong and deep reserve of strength to get threw and make it out to the other side, I know that in my life it has been my obliterate to exercise and all upon my inner strength that has gotten me this far.

I do not think that a belief in religion or god is necessary, for one to be able to to feel that they have a place and a purpose in life no matter what, and that no matter what things have to get better.  How ever I also know that it is can be a very powerful factor in helping to create and built ones inner strength, it is for me.  The knowledge that there is a plan for you for your life, that no matter how dark, how hard, how utterly unbearably horrible the trials you are going threw there is a plan and that things will be better and that you are not alone even at the times where it may seem that you are, God is always there with you, that is at least for me one of the most powerful and deepest well from which to draw my inner strength from when it is needed in order to fight my way threw what ever it is that threatens to try to utterly destroy me. 

The next one is mental determination, it is basically raw mental determination that now matter what, come hell or high water no matter the cost, you will plow threw what ever it is that is going on do what you have to to make it out to the other side.  This one is one of entirely mental grit, it is saying to your self, I don't give and F*** about how I feel and what is wrong with me I have X task to get done and I am going to get it done, and repeating that proses over and over again, until eventually you have gotten threw one day, then another.  This one how ever is one that you can not do indefinitely it will burn out it, is one where you do have to know when to say no and let your self stop and recharge, to not force your self to do anything you don't want to do, if that mean you don't get out of be, or you don't shower for that day you have off then that is the price you have to pay, Because If you can Tag team Mental determination with Spiritual strength you have a combination that can seriously help you fight your own overwhelming urge to mortally harm your self, so having some mental strength in reserve is always an important thing!

One can use a combination of both of these as well as just raw will power to often over come many obstacles, as well as when confronted with events of a "mental" nature maintain an overriding level of logic that can fight the deeply emotional and irrational desires of what you emotionally want to do, up to the point of being able to fight off harming your self.  Yet the also have a use for every day for any one, as they allow you do deal with life's speed bumps big and small, as they give you the tools to turn with in your self to find the strength needed to simply push threw the obstacle to get to the goal you wish to achieve on the other side.
That is all for today, thank you for reading, please feel free to comment.


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