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It's Past Time To Boycott Motts, And Spread the word.

Some of you may not know this but the workers at Mott's factory in Williamson NY (their only factory) have been forced out on strike, after the company walked away from the bargaining table when the workers refused to accept a new contract that cut wages buy $1.50 an hour while downgrading the medical plan increasing employee medical cost as well as slashing their pension and 401K plans.  Even thought the company recently acquired by Dr. Pepper Snapple, made a profit of $555 million last year as well as increase in stock value of 35%!  To add further insult to injury over the time of "economic hardship" that company is using to justify the wage, pension, 401K cuts and increase in worker health care cost, those in charge of the company proceeded to double their salaries!

This is a clear example of the rampant cooperate greed that is ripping at this country where company's increasingly reward the very had loyal work of their employees with new contracts that demand extravagant cuts that for many can mean the difference from a middle class life to being pushed off the cliff and out of the American dream.  It is a time for all of us to take a stand against such practices and to let the companies know that we are watching them, and that we do not support their arrogant behavior towards their own workers but that instead we support the workers them selves.

In the case of Mott's they have filled the plant with a workforce of unskilled scabs, and they have suffered in their ability to produce product to the point that they are now contracting with their largest rival and simply shipping labels to the company's plant to be slapped on that companies applesauce and sold in stores as Mott's! Not only dose this show how critical the work force is to their business but it highlights their willingness to not only abuse their own workers but the trust that the buying public has placed in them as a brand.  They are willing to sell the conniptions product to you as their own.

In the face of this I hope that many more people will stand with the union workers of Mott's who where forced to strike, and tell the company that they will not buy their products until the workers are back on the job with a fair contract. As part of this effort please do boycott the products but also you can donate you Facebook status  even for a short time by entering this into the status
 ‎"To take a stand for working families, make this your status: I won't buy Mott's products until the strike in Williamson, NY is resolved. Mott's, owned by Dr. Pepper Snapple, forced 300 workers out on strike on May 23 and refuses to come back to the bargaining table. DPS stock is up 35% this year, but the company wants workers to take pay cuts of $1.50 an hour, in addition to slashed benefits."
You can also blog, tweet use what ever medium you like to spread the word, you can even comment on the Mott's Facebook page and let them know that you are not happy with what they are doing!  Thank you for listening!


  1. I really like your posts and will follow them from now on!

  2. Question: Why isn't theboycott more widely publicized? Cannot the afl-cio take out a TV or national newspaper calling for the boycott? Even though this is one small plant the company's despicable actions are representative of corporate policies that undermine the existence of a middle class so necessary to a healty economy and the supposed promises of american life.

  3. What brands does Mott s manufacture besides Mott s,as a union brother I would like to know so as to join in on the boycott.

  4. Place on facebook a list of Motts products please. We will boycott for sure. I retired a union employee and fighting corporate greed can be very frustrating!

  5. They are part of Snapple DR, Pepper so not only any Mott's brand product but for good measure Snapple and DR Pepper should be boycotted too!


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