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Monday Book Review: It's Complicated, by L.A. Witt

Well this is a day late to be a Sunday book review, but when I was not busy doing things yesterday I was busy catching up on my missed sleep from the week before. So today I would like the review a book that I just finished several days ago, that book is It's Complicated by L.A. Witt, a part of the Tucker Springs series of books.

Brad and Jeff have a complicated on again off again relationship, that at the moment is off again in an attempt to make a fresh start of things.  Things are looking up this time around then out of the blue Jeff's ex wife announces that she is pregnant with no other then Jeff's child! On top of that she want to move her and the child out of Tucker Springs, to Denver.  Will Jeff fallow his ex wife and new child out of to Denver, and what dose that mean for Brad and Jeff's fragile relationship? Can their new start survive this turmoil or is this finally the end for them?

It's Complicated, is another great entry in the tucker springs series of books and while it can easily be read as a stand alone book with out losing any understanding, I highly recommend reading the whole series in order, especially the first books in the series as they really set up the backdrop of the town of tucker springs and the area where all of these stories are set.  I loved this entry in the series, Brad and Jeff have had a on again off again relationship, when things are good they are great but when they are bad they can have fights over who empties the dishwasher that wake the neighbors. The stories starts with them living separated, brad having an apartment of his own and Jeff living in the house that used to be theirs.  They are trying to make a fresh start of their relationship with a clean slate, and from the looks of their first date of their fresh new start things are certainly starting off on a good foot.  But things don't look peachy for long as Jeff's ex wife drops a bomb on Jeff, really all of them, that she is pregnant with Jeff's kid, which makes things complicated enough and throws a big wrench into Brad and Jeff's fresh new start, then as if that is not enough she announces that she intends to move her and the child back to her home town of Denver.

Brad and Jeff are both quite stubborn although Jeff seems to have the most trouble working on improving himself.  The news that Jeff's ex wife is pregnant with his child is both horrible and amazing at the same time, it is horrible because it puts in real and sever jeopardy what is left of his and Brad's relationship, but at the same time it is great news as he has always wanted a family of his own, and this very well may be his chance to have that, he just hopes that it can be with Brad.  The news that Jeff's ex wife is having Jeff's baby is news that dose not help with Brad's worries that Jeff still carries a flame for his ex wife (after all Jeff is Bi) and now that she is having Jeff's baby, what dose he have to keep Jeff around Tucker Springs and with him?

I loved both main characters they where both well fleshed out and feel very real.  The story jumps between both main characters points of view, so you get a very good look at what is going on in each characters head.  I loved both characters but to be honest I loved Brad the most, as at times I got quite frustrated with Jeff and his seeming unwillingness to take steps help to save their relationship. not only that but Jeff seemed to have a hard time deciding where his priorities actually lay, especially when it comes to Brad, who at times seems to be in a competition not only for first place but at times for second place in his life between Jeff's business that he owns and runs with his ex wife, and his ex wife and their future child.

This book is definitely not your typical romance novel, as both parties have an extensive history together and at that one that has not been that smooth ether. I found that I was invested in both characters quite fast, and that I was actively rooting for the survival of their relationship, and as such yelling at them at other times when they where letting things stand in the way of fixing their relationship.  I also found my self hoping for a outcome to the dilemma posed by Jeff's ex wife's pregnancy that will work out not only for the two MC's by also for Jeff's ex wife as well.  This book leaves you unsure up until the very end if Jeff and Brad can save their relationship.

While Jeff and Brad's relationship may be on shaky ground their chemistry is definitely still there.  While there may be very few sex seens in this book the ones that there are are scorchingly hot.  L.A. Witt is also one of my favorite authors when it comes o kisses as the passion of a kiss can be in some cases even hotter then sex itself.

All of that leads me to put this on my list of favorite books, and one that will be on my must read again list.  I am not only a very big fan of the Tucker Springs series of books but also of L.A. Witt too.  I hope that after this you my readers take the time to pick up this book and read it for your self, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

As always thanks for reading.


  1. I've only read one m/m book written by a woman that I bought after reading the sample on Amazon. Something just doesnt ring true to me most of the time. I just can't put my finger on it, but the guys usually feel to me more like stereotypes than actual people. I seem to be alone on this, as many guys seem to eat up these stories, but I just cant get into the vast majority of them.

    1. I have run across that (although even then I tend to enjoy the story just not rave about it) I really like A.M Arthur and Kate Sherwood, I know they are both women. For a couple of men I like Scotty Cade, who I have read a few of his books and loved them (I have several others on my tablet waiting to read) and drabe Braxton who I have read his first two books Missing, and Destiny On The Tracks, and loved them. I currently have hsi third book Vacation From Hell waiting in my library to be read.

  2. I've tried Kate Sherwood, and shes quite the popular author, her stories leave me cold.

    One of my favorite authors is Josh Lanyon, especially his Adrian English series. But really, I've like every single book of his. His writing is rich and detailed, and the stories are involved and the characters are complicated, not a one dimension character in any of his books.

    Andrew Grey's stuff is pretty good, some much better than others, his books are fairly uneven as to editing, which bugs me. I do like his Range series, his bullriding series. I havent read all of his newer series, but a few of his newer ones really stand out as to his growth as an author. Stranded is a taunt story, leading you to parts unknown, and In Search of A Story is a good read, heartfelt and warm.

    Lev Raphael's Nick Hoffman series is a cracking good read. Tons of plot, characters with a full rounded life. There is at least one murder in each book, but that isnt the full scope of the mystery novels. Added into the murder plot, is the relationship with his husband, trouble at work, dealings with co-workers, neighbors, etc. I havent read anything by Lev that I didnt like.

    Hope this gives you some ideas for your next book purchase!

  3. Oh! I nearly forgot to mention Ethan Stone, his stuff is really good!!


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