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The Joys of travel: Flight delays.

So I am on vacation, visiting my grandparents (and Mom's side of the family) for three weeks. In upstate New York.  Starting last Tuesday.  Well it did not start off that hot, on our way to Albany we had three flights, the first flight from my home town to Los Vagues left and arrived on time and went perfectly.   And we made it to the gate in Vagues for our departing flight with some time to spare.  

Unfortunately our flight from Vagues to Dulles Airport Washington DC was delayed by 25 minutes putting us behind the boarding time for are next flight to Albany.   So when we got off that flight we made a mad dash all the way across the airport getting held up for ten minutes by part of the transport from terminal to terminal.   So we got to our gate to find the plane had pulled back early. (The door/stairs had been closed early even though it was still sitting there loading luggage,  and they would not let us on! (Such freaking BS when they had been called and told about delayed connecting passengers)

Well it was the last flight out of the night, so we had to go to customers service the only nice people from that airline in that terminal. (The gate people did not care and even told us to not come back till morning)  so lucky they where able to get us the last 2 tickets on the first flight out (the last tickets for that day)

So now we where stuck in DC, hoping that the airline partnered with a good hotel, which they would only discount of of because it was a weather delay. (Again BS in my opinion) luckily we found a good one, The Westion which was only 10 minutes away.

Being almost midnight there was no place to eat was open, so we left for the hotel.  When we checked, we asked for a 4:00 AM waked call. We also found out their lounge was open for another 30 minutes, so we went right over to grab something to eat, since we had not eaten anything since breakfast that morning.  Making it midnight before we got to bed.

The next morning mom woke up at five o'clock causing us to make a mad dash to get ready and to make the hotel shuttle to the airport,  so that we could get through security and to our gate.  We got through security surprisingly fast.  We got almost all the way to our gate before we found a reader board to check on our flight. It was supposed to be gate like A1 but they changed it to gate D something all the way on the other side of the airport so we had to hoof it all the way there a very long trip. 

Nicely they did not change the gate once we where there.  The flight left on time, getting in about an hour latter.   We found our checked bags in the baggeg office.  Then we got our rental car that once we got where we where going noticed that it had obviously not been cleaned since the last person as it had mud inside it, food, some unknown stuff stained to the driver's seat, and stuff caked onto the shifter nob and surround. 

So needless to say it was a rough start our vacation.


  1. Good grief! What a bumpy trip! Ya know its quite weird. At times airlines bend over backwards to help and others they are totally uninterested in helping. At times I do think it all comes down to the company, some just seem more interested in customer service than others.

    There was no reason to take a dirty car! Your parents should have went back to the car rental office and complained! If there wasnt any other cars available then they should have cleaned the car right then for you!

    Hope the rest of the trip goes better!!!


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