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To Political Or Not To Political, That Is The Question

So for those of you that don't know and that would be all of you, I was trying to set up a coffee date with a charming guy that I had met online (names and descriptions left out to protect the innocent) well amongst simple conversation of what he was up to he mentioned he was at Walmart shopping.  Now is time for every one to look at me like a two headed alien, to which I simply said I have not set foot in one in years they have very anti union practices, and I'm a proud and supportive union member. (UFCW) apparently something that in his book was a totally wrong and very bad thing to be, as he proceeded to say that was not good because unions are bad, and he did not give a damn about them.  No giant insurmountable deal, not ideal but not a show stop I thought, as I basically said as long as you don't bash mine we are fine.  Again apparently not good as he did not like unions at all, he did not like hearing about them, nor when people liked them.  after all he only cared about one issue DADT, to which I replied "good I care about that too, along with marriage equality, labor justice and rights, social equality and justice, along with human rights/equality, immigration etc"  which was apparently very bad and to political, and we could just never ever work out because of that.

Now this is the first time I have ever been told I was to political, and personally I think I'm not that much more horribly political then the average Pacific Northwest resident, not to mention I resisted the urge to tell him good luck finding some one that is not in a union or dose not care about/hates unions in the PNW as in particular WA has one of the highest percentages of union workforces in the country as well as support.   Not to mention since when did caring about issue the effect not only my life but the lives of many other people across the country and in some cases around the world, as well as the direction that the country is headed become a bad thing?  It's like willful ignorance, and willful disinterest in the world around you and the direction ones own country and the world are going that the things that need to be done to correct it are some how a golden value, to me that brings to mind the people who don't bother to vote and are willfully uninvolved in the world around them and in making the decisions that shape that would, yet they then complain about certain narrow aspects of it.  To me this sort of willful disinterest seems like the far worse thing, as personally I can't stand people that don't vote (I am of the opinion if you did not vote you forfeit your right to complain at all about the world around you) just slightly more then those that do but stay willfully incurious and uninformed about the decisions they are making because they "don't like politics".

To me to not be interested and to not care about such things is akin to being a mindless drown that simply lets others do the thinking for them and is content letting others decided what is best and what is not best for them with out even taking a moment out of their day to determent that many of those others they are content to hand the decision making powers over to, at best have no interest in whats best for them and at worst are and will actively seek to make decisions that are what is worst for them.  That if they don't educate them selves and become active participants them selves then how can they expect to live in a world that is better?  It's like living in a neighborhood that is starting to go down hill, not caring to be interested in why it is starting to go down hill, what is causing the problems, what can be done and needs to be done to fix those problems, and not actively wanting to seek out those answers know what they are and actively work on them, but to then only care about your property value.  To do so is totally non logical because your property value is as much tied to your individual property as it is to the condition of the neighborhood as a whole, and how can you improve it if you are willing to sit on the sidelines and let the neighborhood that surrounds it and impacts it slip down the gutter?  Short answer is you can't and to think you can is pure foolishness.

Maybe I'm off base on this but I don't think I am.  Maybe it means that I will not be successful at dating and finding someone to share my life with but I don't think so, what it dose mean is that while so many people talk about having a passion for their life they seem to be willing to sit at the back of the bus, and allow others to drive them whether it is where they want to go or not with out even putting forth effort to change it, and I am not.   Thanks one again for fallowing along on the twisting path that is my life, and feel free to comment I always enjoy reading what you have to say.


  1. I'm in complete agreement with you on this. If you don't vote, you have lost the right to complain. These people who just coast along with ideas that have no backing in reason, or any understanding of the issues make me angry.

    I know what's going on in the world, but for the most part i don't talk about it. Why? Because it riles people up, feelings get hurt, and for what really, an opinion when it all boils down.

    I think you will be able to find a date. But hopefully someone who is not so closed minded.

  2. I am glad, I got that particular view from dad, I have never not voted, Ever since I turned 18 I have voted in every election held. It also angers me when people say they don't because "it's to hard" to get informed! I just want to yell at them it's what effects you life and the laws and regulations it's run by, it's not that F'ing hard to get informed, your just flipping lazy.

    I don't often get into politics unless some one else brings them up, but I'm also not afraid to say it how I see it. The only exception being unions, My biggest pet peeve is people who are not in one that hate them because they make more, and fight against the "lets see who can race to the bottom fastest game". I simply want to tell most of them then grow a pair, and unionize your shop, but don't insist because you don't have a pair that every one else should join you in the race to the bottom of pay and benefits.


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