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Changes & Getting Ready For Vacation.

I know it have been quite a while since my last blog entry, luckily that is due to very good news, the first of which being that I was able to swoop into a "day shift" position at work and get back to the closing shifts that I used to work, unfortunately for my blogging that has also meant a slight period of readjusting to that schedule. Unfortunately during this period I have had a little trouble finding the time to squeeze the blogging in, but I hope to be remedying that here pretty soon. The other good news that has been taking up time that I also would have normally be able to try to devote to some blogging is that I'm getting ready to take my first real vacation in 3 years, something that has me very physiced!

I am getting ready to go to upstate New York with my mother to visit my grandparents and the relatives from her side of the family that all live out there.  It is the firs time I have been back to where my mom grew up since before I was four years old so this is pretty neat.  I'm really looking forward to it, but I have a nice chunk of things that I still have to get done before we leave for Seattle for Friday night, then fly out on Saturday morning.

I am thinking about possibly activating the "Email" blog entry feature so that when/if I have some down time I can do up a quick blog on my Cell and then submit it, I am not going to tie my self to that, however I do promise that when I get back I will do a in depth blog on my vacation for those that wish to, to enjoy. I also hope to come back with plenty of pics that I should be able to add to my Photobucket account.

On the note of my hobby of photography I am especially enjoying working days again because I am now awake during the day and have already done two short trips to take pics!  One of which was with my brother who also picked up the amateur photography bug from dad, which was really fun since we really actually get to hang out. Not only that I was also able to use him to do a little practice on shooting photos of actual people instead of just scenery and some times "wild life".  Then the next day I did the little (about an hour and 45 minute) drive up to Mount Baker and took pictures up there too, I really enjoyed my self and between the two days I have really added to the number of pictures that I need to corp and look at doing some touch up work  to before posting them for all to enjoy.  By the time the Sunday was over I had only 123 shots left to fit on my memory card, which will fit 431 photos when I have the camera set to save them in raw format (absolute best quality)

I hope to be writing again soon, until then I would hope that you go to my Photobucket site and enjoy some of the photos that are there and even leave comments and tell me what you think!  As always thank you for reading and following me! also comments and questions are always welcome and enjoyed.


  1. I hope your vacation is terrific! Nothing better than changing up our daily routine to give one a new lease on life. Will be taking a look at your photobucket account later on. im a snap and point kinda picture snapper, but even so i do enjoy the attempt of getting it to look as i wish.

    Yippee, for getting a new schedule at work. I hope being awake and out and about in the daylight hours helps you feel happier!

  2. being awake and out during the daylight hours cetenly seems to be a big help! Thank you, I do hope you like some of the stuff I have up there :-) (I like my littel point and shoot too, its creat for things where hauling around my Cannon SLR is not practical)


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