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"You Have A Soft Homosexual Voice" Customer

Yes that was one of the things that a customer who took it upon them selves to "preach" to me during my job, while I was stuck helping cut his keys and find the other random items that he said he needed help finding.  Strangely this is not the first time I have attracted the type that decided to do some preaching to me to help "being me to Christ" while I'm on the job and their captive audience stuck helping do something for them, how ever this was one of the first times that I really had to bite my tongue to avoid saying or doing something that I would regret and that could get me in trouble with my bosses.

Personally I find being preached at in an attempt to "bring me to Christ" to be rude an annoying to begin with, not only for that fact that it assumes that I already am not a believing christian but for the fact that it's pushy and arrogant to think that to start preparing someone with unsolicited religious advice is OK.  To me faith is quite a personal thing, and my belief is that one of the best way to "spread the faith" is to simply live your live quietly with your belief and when and if people ask then is the time to talk to them as they are willing and want to hear at that point.  Even more rude I find is to go into some ones place of work, especially a store etc and trap an employee by making them do a customer service task and then to start to preach to them, as then they have basically no say in the matter.  In that case then the person you are preaching to can't up and walk away because their job requires them to help you do the task, they can't be forceful in brushing you off because that can be considered "rude" and their job requires them to be "polite and respectful" to the customers which you have forced your self into being. This is totally disrespectful to the employee that you have now trapped in a situation that they have no way out of other then hopefully some one else coming along that also needs help giving them an "easy out".

Now the guy yesterday was a piece of work, he started out normal enough just wanting to have his keys cut, nothing out of the ordinary about that, nor particularly the fact that he liked/knew some one else with the name Matthew (lots of people seem to)  unfortunately it went down hill from their, as he started to peeper me with conversation about faith, not at all taking the hint that I was not interested nor did I want to talk about it from my purposely "this is fake smile" and answers that consisted of  um hum and yeah.  the entire 2-3 minutes it took to cut his key.  Then next thing I know he wants to know what I would say to Jesus if I died right then, and really just would not take a hint that I was ready for the conversation to be over forcing me into an answer! So all I said was "that I lived a good life", then of course he went on a semi long winded speak about what he would say that included some sort of supposed to be profound quote. Then starts telling me to go to his church and that in so nice the girls would love me and I could have a wife like his son etc the whole time I keep having to bite my  tongue to keep form saying I don't care about going to your church, let alone that fact I want a husband not a wife!

Then he finally lets me go I think because I go to help another customer unfortunately  he was not done with me because when I was done with that customer he was back wanting help to "find" a product and in the process of showing him where it was he continues to pitch his church to me, including that "college youth group" with among other line that its more fun the drinking but that its more fun then a "kegger with the cheerleaders" again I'm biting my tong from saying I don't care about the youth group let alone the cheer leaders.  Then again I think I have gotten away from him when he sort of wanders off and I start to help another customer, but to my surprise no, because as I'm heading back to the stock room to check to see if we had more of something for that customer he cases me down and starts going at it again!

This third time is when he uses that fun quote its the first thing he said this time which actually did make me stop walking, he actually said to me "you have a soft homosexual voice, don't let any one tell you, you are unless you don't want to go the heaven"  now I had to bite my tongue so hard to keep from reacting in a way that would get me in trouble because I all wanted to do was shout at him so what if I do they would be right and that would be the way that god created me, if you have a problem with that, that is your problem it's not mine but don't use my faith to excuse your issues.  However I did not and because I was at work could not say that no matter how much I really wanted to,  unfortunately he did not stop speaking there he then went on to talk about how he had tired to preach to some Seattle areal talk radio host who "preached homosexuality"!  Again I had to bite my tongue as all I want to shout at him is you can't preach something that you are born with any more them you can preach brown hair, blue eyes or skin height.  Luckily at that point the customer that I had been attempting to help came up and politely but forcefully asked if I was going to be able to check on that for her, which finally forced the guy to leave me alone!

For the life of me I just do not understand what causes people to think that such behavior is appropriate in the first place let alone that it is an appropriate way to try to "bring people to the church" because to me that seems the one of the least compassion ways of dealing with people that I can think of.  Heck even if i was straight I can't thing of a way that the third conversation would have been a pleasant one!  I really do wish that instead of being at work this had happened when I was not because at least then I would have been able to talk openly and express me self openly instead of having to be so fakely over polite as the job requires.

I also wonder what it is that some how makes these people think I need their help, because I can't seem to gleam what it is about my manorisms or how I act when I'm making keys paint or simply showing them where something is on a shelf that make them think Oh My God here is some one that needs their soul saved and brought to Christ.  Maybe I am missing something because it is me but to me it seems like I am just your average person that really would not necessarily stand out in a large crowed let alone have something about me that says I'm in spiritual danger.  Then again maybe these people just are not logical and not able to be fingered out with logic.  As always thank you for reading, also comments and question are always welcome and appreciated.


  1. wow...that guy was incredibly rude. After getting that frustrated it must at least have felt a LITTLE good to let it all out here? Anyway...don't blame yourself...situations like these have happened to me on more than one occasion. Thats usually the best time to take your last break and leave the store for coffee or something...far far away.


  2. My hubby worked at one of the big box stores for a while, and several times he had mega trouble with a customer. He would be sitting their in his red vest, trying to help someone figure out what kind of door or window they needed when they would start to treat him shabbily. Once a woman customer started yelling at him, and at first he was calm and dealt with her misplaced anger, but when she started to swear at him, it was all over! He picked up his phone and had his zone manager come over. When the manager heard the horrid things this person was shouting at my hubby, he had her escorted from the store.

    So, if this happens again with this customer, or another, you just might want to contact your direct boss and let them deal with your problem. No one should have to deal with being preached at while they are doing their job. It's harassment plain and simple.

    I've also had the same problem with being preached at, and having multiple people try to 'lead me to God'. Why do i keep being singled out for this? I dont have a clue. All i do know is that it isn't pleasant.

  3. @Bryan
    so true that's usually what I do after such things is take my brake, nicely that day I had lunch coming up shortly after. I don't blame my self I just find it kinda annoyingly funny these people assume I need their "help" I think next time I will just use a smart quip to make them stop. (mom has a guy that every halloween goes off one her about it being evil and pagan when she is seeing her candy, and she said that she just says "that's nice I don't care I'm Pagan" to him and that seemed to work)
    I have only had to call a manager to deal with one customer who got to irate/unruly to deal with I'm the just about 4 years (it will be 4 in august) that I have worked at this job. Unfortunately my instinct to be at times overly nice and polite backfires with the preacher types as that apparently makes them more present then if your not, in a way that can't get you in trouble. I think when I get back from my vacation I'm going to have to grab aside one of my bosses and ask what their company approved way of dealing with these sorts of situations is. Because honestly it is very uncomfortable to be forced into an having some one attempt to preach you into converting to their sub sect of a religion if you don't have a way out.

  4. You should have just said to him that you are gay and that is who you are ,and that you have a very close relationship with god and that nobody knows your relationship with god except YOU and its not for ANYONE to judge that. There is nothing wrong with saying that and Even though you are giving good service his comments have nothing to do with that and if he keeps bothering you you can have him removed. Its Your right, Its NOT his right to preach to you.

  5. I think that is deffinitly the path that I would talke now!


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