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Beginning To Think It Was A Stupid Idea

So I am seriously beginning to think that my idea of trying to get into the market was/is a stupid one, in no small part to the paper work that showed up today for me from the bank, all of it basically repeats from the the stuff I filled out/approved online, for me to sign so they can begin to process my loan application.  Something that was supposedly happening all of the previous week, amongst the paperwork are documents that seem to require I put the horse before the buggy and some how have a homeowners insurance policy on a place I have not even found yet let-alone have a loan approved to start looking for yet!  Not only that they now want $500 to keep for the pleasure of possibly not approving me, with non of the paper work giving any idea how likely some sort of approval is.   At this point the idea of the whole thing is seeming very stupid and like I should just let it die.  As it is I think I'm going to have to make an appointment to go over this stuff with the bank to get some of it sorted out.  (after all who has a homeowners insurance policy before they have even gotten a loan approval to shop for their first home??)  Not only that why would I want to give them $500 if they are not particularly likely to approve a loan for me?

I am finding this to be almost as frustrating as when I got my car loan, and that was a very frustrating process, as almost nothing was handled in the way that it was said it would be and almost nothing happened ultimately the way it was initially said it would.  And this time I don't have Dad's support  and help in working my way threw this prosses.


  1. There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with a bank. I feel for you, about the blizzard of paperwork, the silly contrasting hoops one must jump through. And yeah what a total scam to have to pay them to do their own work, yeah?

    Try a credit union, sometimes they are a tiny bit better about things....sigh

    Chin up! Things will have to get better!


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