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Tick Tock by Dean Koontz, A Review.

So it is time for another book review, after a long hiatus from reading, where I did not make time in my day to do so, I have started up again.  And the first book in that list was Ticktock by Dean Koontz.  I picked it up at the book store mid day, and by that evening I had read the book cover to cover.  I absolutely not put the book down, to the point that I would get irritated when other people would interrupt and make me put it down.  The book grabs you from the start and never lets go, never leaving you a spot that you would even think of being able to put it down and pick it up latter.

The book is an excellent suspense thriller, The characters are well developed and come off the page and to life.  The book is written form the main character Tommy Phan's view.  it starts out with him achieving a life long dream, buying a Corvette, as you get to learn more about him. It quickly takes a turn that has you wondering what will happen next. It really starts to take off when his door bell rings, no one is there but he finds a mysterious rag doll sitting on his front porch. This is not your normal rag doll though,  it is simple white fabric, no cloths at all,  and it has black 2 stitched black Xs for eyes, 6 black stitched Xs for its mouth, then the strangest part a black X stitch where its hart should be.  Not sure what to make of it he brings it into his house.  Latter that night the unbelievable happens and doll starts to wiggle on its own and the stitches start to come undone, and an evil demon starts to emerge. The only message he gets is the words "tick tock", fallowed by the "the deadline is dawn"  with that he starts a fight for his very life.

His only help is a mysterious waitress, who seems to uncannily know more about what is going on even if she will not always let one.  He is left wondering if their meeting is by pure chance or by a destiny bigger then he can understand.  together they join forces to try and help him survive the night.  Can they succeed that is the terrifying question that no one can know.

Even being a suspenseful thriller, Dean Koont masterfully manages to weave humor into the book as well, while making it fit right in with the story, never dose it stand out like a sore thumb.  Which is something that I really did enjoy about the book.  Even thought he demon is supernatural, not something that I normally go for in books, it seems to fit right on in like it something that could happen to any one, even the reader.

In short I absolutely loved this book and would highly recommend it to any one, especially if you like a good thriller with a heaping helping of suspense, I believe that it is written so well that that dose not have to be the prefer genre of books that one is into in order for them to enjoy this amazing read.

I hope that this has turned you guys on to a great book.  Until next time dear readers.


  1. Does this book have a lot of gore/violence? Because I just don't enjoy reading that for leisure. Way back when I started one of his books and was upset by the amount of violence, and never finished it.

  2. There are some seens where he is fighting off the demon, but really very little gore, (LLike one very general scene with out discription of it, that would have been gussed/iimplied by what proceded it) and most of the little violance there is is against the demon that he is tryingg to escape/kkeep at bay.


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