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It Gets Better

Seeing all the gay suicides lately and Dan Savage's reply with his It Gets Better Project has inspired me to do an it gets better post.  I have been meaning to do this for a while now (as well as a video probably to come at some time after this) and I figure I had better do this now before I never do.  This post is dedicated to all the youths that have taken their lives and I hope that any young people who might read this find it of value and that it prevents just even one more tragedy.

I would like to start off by saying to any LGBT young person that is reading that things do get better once you get out of HS,  I know that it may seem like that will never happen and things will never get better when you are still in school going threw it but they do!   They get so much better in so many amazing and wonderful ways.  I know what it is like to be living a bullied tormented closeted life, and how hard that is, because I was that way all threw my school life.  I also know what it is like to feel that the only way out is to end it all, that death is the only way to bring peace to your life and end all the pain and torment of it all, but that is not the answer it never is.  The way is to keep living, to keep fighting for that next breath to wake up the next day to keep fighting to make things better to get to that better place where all of those things will fall away and you will sore.

I will not lie and say it is easy to do so, as a matte of fact it is is going to be one of the hardest if not the hardest things that you do, to not give in to those all consuming feelings and thoughts, but instead to push them away to tell them that there is another way and that is to live!  It means telling your self that there is a future and that it is worth living for, it means drawing upon ever piece of strength you have to physically and mentally fight off those urges to end it all, because giving in will not solve your problems and it will only be a win for those that have done you so much wrong.  I also will not lie to you and say that every thing is always magically good once you our out of school, there will be hurdles but by then you will and can be your own person and It will be your calling all the shots in your life.  You will be able to do what ever it takes to achieve the dreams that you have, and to remove those who stand in your way, those who cast stones at you out of your life and shove them off of your life path leaving them on the wayside of your success. It will then be you that makes or brakes you and you can make you!

There is nothing wrong with you, with who you are and once you get out of school you will see that very clearly.  What others are saying is wrong and what you are afraid of is nothing to be afraid of, and it nothing that will stand in your way of creating the life that you want to.  If you want kids and a family their is nothing stopping you, you don't have to be straight to have that, and if people don't support you on that they don't have to stand in your way because you call the shots and you get to decide who is a part of your life and who is not so you can kick them to the curbside where they belong.  Not to mention when you are calling the shots in your own life you get and can do what makes you happy, and it dose not matter what any one else thinks because they are not living your life for you, and you can tell them just that.

All you have to remember now is that suicide is a choice but it is not the right one, it is not the one that you actually want, it is just giving them what they think they want and depriving your of the happiness and the full life that is waiting for you to take the rains and fight for it and give a big old finger to all those others around you that hope you won't.


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