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Favorite Songs Of 2010

I thought I would take some time to do a nice fun post, and give a couple of updates about what is going one with me in the proses.  So first off for the last 3 nights I had been working graveyard at the "north store" doing a price changing class to be officially trained as the back up price changer for when one of our two price changers takes some time off or has an family emergency I can now officially step in and do their work. I am also patiently waiting to hear from the bank on the home loan pre approval application that I submitted them.

And now time to get down to the main show and that is the list of my top favorite songs of this year,
 as you will all guess as you start going down the list the currant radio stations I tend to listen to are all country music, (something that I am quite used to being ribbed / made fun of for) so that makes up the vast majority of my favorite songs of the year. So hear goes the list.

So the first two are actually two songs that did not make the radio, how ever they are absolutely great as is the album, and I would wholeheartedly recommend picking it up for your own collection!
Chely Wright: Lifted Off The Ground


Notes To The Coroner

are two of my favorite songs on that album, not only for the message in them which are ones that I can easily relate to but also for the musical composition of the songs them selves as well.

Now on  to my favorite songs of the year that did make radio play and that absolutely demand the volume be pumped up when they come on!

Miranda Lambert: Only Prettier

Carrie Underwood: Mama's Song, Wasted, Undo It (as you can tell I am also a Carrie Underwood fan!)

Reba Mcentire: Turn On The Radio(I also love Reba!)

Brad Paisley: Anything Like Me

Taylor Swift: Mine

Sugarland: Stuck Like Glue

Darius Rucker: come back song

Justin Moore: How I got To Be This Way

Little Big Town: Little White Church

Alan Jackson: Hard Hat And A Hammer

Blake Shelton: All About Tonight

Kenny Chesney: Aint Back Yet

And now for the only pop song on my list!
Lady Gaga: Bad Romance


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